Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What now for Manston?

It’s bust. Of more concern is the public funds and time invested and wasted. And missing millions of pounds of fines. And pollution. Even today an unmarked 747 illegally overflying the towns. And landing on the aquifer. Manston can’t be sold – who’d buy an airport on the aquifer? As Mayor I’ll put a $5,000 reward on the head of each Infratil and TDC Director for information leading to arrests and jail for corporate manslaughter. We’ll hear less from Buchanan in a prison cell in Pentonville. He and Infratil knew exactly what they were doing in removing monitors and not replacing them at an airport due for expansion. Worse, is so did your TDC and KCC councillors. As blatant as the Gang of Four and 0% fraud. Even now flights continue illegally. Even now. A Third World Thanet where the growth industries are cancer and corruption. A 21st century Britain where the police and civil servants even poison themselves in dithering over corporate manslaughter. Every week an unmarked 747 and Cargolux and Infratil laughing at them. And when it's closed and they're gone? Just the cancer gift that keeps giving through the blood and bone for your children and their children. Time for Change. Time for Garbutt for Mayor in 2013 and MP in 2015 - or earlier. Zero landfill – plastic and food waste recycling and pig bins. Zero animal exports. Every day a drug-den raid. Solar panels and industry. Viiv at Pfizer. Water so clean you can drink it and bathe in it. Remember Manston. Remember Thor. Remember the Gang of Four. Remember “paint down the sink”? The delay in TDC et al placing a Public Health Order on the site is shocking. Your children being polluted by your council. Fiddling as Thanet burns and drowns Time for Change.

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