Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Duff politicians and civil servants to debate East Kent’s future. Nothing to do with them.

A miscellaneous blog note on various points:

• Roger Gale on the radio on the future of East Kent waffling about how important it was to improve Dreamland. You don’t say. After 30 years as MP. And wasn’t he photographed launching some cheque with Steve Ladyman 2 or 3 years ago at derelict Dreamland? Useless

• Remember Nigel Farage at Broadstairs 3 or 4 months ago? I asked him various questions on Manston and Thor and TDC corruption – after he said he supported Manston. I’ve written to him at least 3 times. Silence from Mr Farage. Another empty bullshotter on a tax salary.

• Mark Seed at TDC: apparently there is no coordination of public compensation from EA etc. You’re on your own. You sort it out is the publicly funded response. He expressed a vague surprise at Manston on the aquifer. Yeah right. And wasn’t even sure of the outfall pipe length

• Audit Commission reviewing TDC and RTC accounts – more later. Ask the auditor if you want to know or see any costs, invoices, Pleasurama contracts, Manston fines, pollution levels, 0% salary fraud, pensions, expenses etc etc: a-mack@audit-commission.gov.uk, j-bellard@audit-commission.gov.uk It’s your money spent by the councillors and civil servants. As Mayor I’ll FOI all costs every month routinely.

• Worth remembering the RTC accounts were signed off by councillors and provided to the AC without any public scrutiny. Same-old, same-old if the RTCers are just the TDCers.

• The BBC True Love show on Margate I thought was a bit boring but good to see Margate albeit looking empty and cargo ships off the coast. As Mayor I will create the East Kent Film office to encourage more filmmaking in and about Thanet – as with the £600k tourism budget we seem to be funding West Kent to ignore us or dump on us.

• Horrifying Newsnight programme – the UK is abysmal at missing persons and runaways from care homes is unbelievable. No busfares or mobile phones. No Police oversight of care homes. And social dumping again.

• The windfarm hotel ship in port for loo paper and pot noodles – so much for windfarms stimulating the economy if they’re berthed offshore most of the time. As Mayor I’ll ban it from Port along with animal exports and introduce a foot passenger ferry.

Another lost year.

A lost decade.

What have they been doing all these years?

Picking up their paycheques and pensions by coverup, delay and deny.

Riding the decline down.

Manston bust and on the aquifer.
Pfizer halved.
Westwood Cross destroying the town centres.
Nothing for 2012.
The Turner on the rates after 15 years.
Asbestos in schools.
Sewage leaks.
NHS services removed.
Every lifestage problem off the scale.

The politicians and civil servants have failed us.

And created Third World Thanet.

Time for Change.

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