Sunday, 3 June 2012

Appalling mess at TDC

Just more abuse and scoundrels at TDC with the latest councillor disputes. While these scoundrels are huffing and puffing Thanet is failing and $60M tax wasted in civil service bloat and corruption and vanity construction. They have no policies. Only clinging to power. Why? Just because. It gives them a platform they wouldn’t have in their normal lives. And they pick up a few quid for bickering and whining. That’s why we have a bottom 10% council and bottom 10% area. Another lost year in a lost decade. As Mayor I will: 1. Call in the Police to investigate Infratil and McGonigal on the missing monitors and fines and 0% salary 2. Close Manston (a field and Water Protection Zone) and Thor and MOD Firebase 3. Cancel Pleasurama-Bungarama and review with Ramsgate Tunnels 4. Establish votes at 16 5. Establish Pfizer-Viiv with Glaxo 6. End windfarm hotel ship and offshore ships 7. Demolish Arlington House as part of the redevelopment of Dreamland 8. Establish Margate Town Council and cancel TDC to a quarterly committee of the Mayors 9. Instigate pandemics policy eg rabies, TB and flu vaccines 10. End doublehatters and publish manifesto 6 months before elections 11. FOI all costs, documents and contracts routinely every month and on request 12. Nukefree Kent: end EDF investment, close Dungeness and Gravelines and sea dumping of nuclear waste 13. Pedestrianise Ramsgate seafront and Arches 14. Refurb Eastcliff bandstand and dancefloor and Westcliff lift 15. Establish foot passenger ferry 16. Town centre markets improvement 17. Motion sensor street lighting/car parks 18. Fund beach shelters refurb from tax 19. Remove litter from the clifftops eg Churchill Pub 20. Remove the Hoverport rubble and create a Pegwell Bay Corridor 21. All council vehicles and heating phased out for solar power 22. Room size, garden size and solar power building policy 23. Heritage building policy – the style of new housing is abysmal for a heritage and conservation area 24. A free tablet PC for every schoolchild – and wifi/web access 25. Free windfarm electricity for OAP’s in winter 26. A Thanet credit card pegged at 10% interest, Thanet quid and improved Euro rates 27. Town utility purchasing: insurance etc 28. Council tax strike: revoke payments to KCC and TDC 29. Police daily drug den raid policy 30. Police investigation into Southern Water and Environment Agency: Thor, Manston, flood defences, water pumps 31. Monthly festivals and events 32. Free town centre wifi network and improved broadband 33. Free 101 calls, backoffice reform and phone box calls 34. Every beach Blue Flag and every park Green Flag every year 35. Asbestos and road accident map and improvements 36. Zero landfill: food waste for pig bins and plastic collections and sorting factory Another lost year in a lost decade. Time for Change

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