Friday, 11 September 2015

Carter's Blue Communism for Kent vanity projects

For Conservatives, Carter's regime is looking a lot like Blue Communists with Big Government bloat and ever-expanding salaries and pensions. Often for failure.

I wouldn't expect Kent Conservatives or even Kent Labour to be radicals.

But the symbiosis of the main parties blurring together, and frankly the stagnation of Kent Tories, always in power in Kent, almost automatically has resulted in a too-cosy Blue Communism of failing to curb the excesses of the public sector.

The politicians and civil servants simply become Tweedledum and Tweedledee for vanity projects competing to waste the most tax.

Perhaps the Corbyn election or even Miliband previously as leftwing shows how mundane the parties are. I don't agree with say nationalizing the railways but it hardly makes him Lenin. I couldn't tell you anything about the other 3 Labour candidates or their policies. Nothing. And even less about Kent Labour.

Hence the ridiculous Parkway or absurd £500M Stack plans or bizarre Daniel Gent gargantuan construction site at 100 SE Rd aren't prevented sooner.

I think we need:

* an end to KCC as the most £100k salaries in UK Local Government

* review of KCC Top Temps undercutting the recruitment industry and staffing-up on the rates

* review of District salaries and performance

* end doublehatter councillor roles/salaries

* replace all public sector vehicles with electric cars

* Kent Off Oil: solar electricity for all public sector buildings

* reinstate street lighting and expand library opening hours - impossible even at £2BN a year?

* merge all ceremonial roles into Deputy Leader role

* monthly full FOI

* end routine 1.99% automatic increases for the public sector

* ban tobacco and Conflict Minerals and Blood Diamonds investments by KCC eg phones/computers

* cancel public sector tax havens and zero hours projects eg Pleasurama, and Victorian slave labour companies like Sports Direct and Wetherspoons exploiting their staff:

Zerohours and payday loans 1,000% interest rates disgust me. Along with DSS benefits sanctions targets and Disabled benefits - almost literally jumping through hoops for pennies. Mere exploitation.

* an end to Geoff Wild of the Toxic Three's empire of 150(!)KCC lawyers on the rates to prosecute the public and even hired out to other councils but funded by Kent taxpayers. And as with KCC Top Temps undercutting the legal profession.

Time for Change


Tim's Titbits:

* bizarre of Farage blaming the EU in the newspaper today for Thanet's woes - I thought there had been lavish EU funding over the years simply wasted by incompetent and corrupt councils. Doesn't fit with his fanatical EU/Johnny Foreigner worldview though I suppose

* excellent Gazette reporting on the horrifying increase in Kent road accidents in the runup to November's Road Safety Day and 1M global deaths - we definitely need tighter illegal parking policing and more pedestrianisation on the seafront and High St and 20mph zones - cars scattered everywhere and on pavements is dangerous forcing pensioners and kids and pushchairs into the road

* a weird letter from Kent Fire delaying/refusing FOI requests on the Ramsgate Fire Station vanity project etc costs/plans - always a concern when they prefer to wriggle rather than providing the info - more later...

* Slipways/Hornby at Ramsgate's Grade 1 Harbour seems to have slipped through the planning process after being rejected - cement mixers ready?

* Excellent Sky News and BBCTV reporting on sports tourism - why isn't Kent making more of the excellent Margate beach volleyball/soccer activity or Canterbury Tour de France after the failure of 2012 Kent and even Japan being hosted by Sussex for the Rugby World Cup!

* KORA and 2LB nearly ready

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