Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rotten Kent in Private Eye again

Private Eye's Rotten Borough page today (page 18) reports on Wells and UKIP as: "all gone a bit Pete Tong" after just 4 months. And Wells gearing up with heeldragging for a Uturn on Manston.

The capable Ed Targett in Margate says the same thing - and highlights the potential for the film industry in East Kent.

Good news too that Edwina Crowley of Pleasuram and Dreamland at TDC has resigned - the clearout is almost complete.

And Farage's bizarre comments also in Private Eye that the EU is responsible for destroying East Kent's harbours despite the millions received in EU subsidies(!).

Unfortunately UKIP seem cut from the same cloth as the previous pensioners in Labour/Tory that mismanaged the area.

Another vote of no confidence and even Recall seem relevant.

5 more years? There's been 4 months of nothing. And there's not much more left to destroy.

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits:

(Interestingly Private Eye features the crooked Judges at the High Court too with Judge Smith's underpants -- and threatening to release an uncensored EC report on BA unless he gets his missing suitcase back! Would you want the Judge releasing your court papers because he felt a bit put out? And Smithy's one of the better ones remember. And crooked One Essex Court and Hollingworth mentioned in The Sunday Times).

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