Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shush. Wheels come off Wells UKIP

Clearly Wells' UKIP have nothing to offer some 5 months into his reign over Manston and now the breakaway groups.

Credit to Gale and LocalCraigMP in managing to foist the blame for a Manston CPO U-turn onto Wells and ignoring their very clear election promises to reopen Manston.

It was interesting at the UKIP conference in Doncaster that Farage highlighted all the UKIP achievements of the last 3 years but made no mention of TDC as the only UKIP-controlled council.

And interesting that RTC meetings have reverted to 11am weekdays as hobby-pensioner events for very thin agendas. We're paying £110k in salaries to simply have empty meetings?

Nothing done.

And the danger with that is the civil servants also slip into stagnation or worse.

You may be aware of 100SE Rd the Daniel Gent mega-construction of 15 flats stuck onto a 5 bed house repeatedly refused then approved. But now only silence from TDC.

It's either a cockup or brown envelopes yet the Wells regime would rather keep quiet.

Would you like to ask them what's going on to? Phone TDC or email simon.thomas@thanet.gov.uk

And there's also the frankly bizarre Kent Fire and FOI for the Ramsgate vanity fire station.

Now I tend to think that Kent Fire is not too badly run and for £70M for fire over for all of Kent rather cheap.

But who knows.

For there's a very bizarre secretive and simply incorrect FOI (and worse EIR - the much better EU version of the weaker UK FOI) process run by James Finch.

There's the usual trick of delay on FOI - and worse the attempt to brand follow up requests as vexatious for requesting information not provided. And very naughty when EIR requests - that require a Public Interest Test are routinely refused.

As abysmal as James Pearce and the Environment Agency refusing EIR requests on Manson or Thor contamination.

Can you ask James Finch for the costs of the Ramsgate Fire station and consultation details - given the old swimming pool site is supposed to be reserved for leisure use in perpetuity.

james.finch@kent-fire.org.uk or 01622 692121

Quite frankly I would fire the pair of them - if not jail them for misconduct. Why should we pay for this sort of incompetence and misuse of our tax funds? And the service standards mean phone calls and emails shouldn't be ignored never mind FOI and EIR requests.

Pay your tax and shut up.

And, shush, Wells and his pensioners are sleeping.

Time for Change


Tim's Titbits:

* good news the first VC paving stones are being provided - first Kent one in Herne Bay
* and the at the UK will be contributing more to UN Peacekeeping and UN Police especially in Sudan and Somalia - of far more use in stemming illegal immigration as with the Syria War
* disappointing the Thai steel firm SSI is having to cut back production in Redcar
* Kent Most Wanted back to 4 minor criminals - and good the horrific acid burns pair have been arrested
* KORA and 2LB coming son

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