Tuesday, 20 June 2017

East Kent fails. Time for Change @timg33

A few EK points:

* EK council next steps? Suggested budgets/responsibilities based on KCC budget etc

* No train stopping in Kent for Amsterdam Eurostar a concern

* also train commuter shuttle to Lille? and trams TG50? - that's the whole point of Ashford station

* Grenfell Tower review published: all EK tower blocks: fire/broken lifts/demolition etc and asbestos schools etc - also motorway bridges

* also demolition Arlington House Margate 60's eyesore tower block and open up Dreamland

* derelict/eyesore wind turbine demolition: c.200M form Richboro power station

* Dreamland and Paramount drift: timetable?

* Discovery Park and Sittingbourne inaction: outline plan? ie TB research /manufacture etc

* LCD panels in town centres

* public complaints over TV reception: Ofcom/BBC?

* EK tourism plan/festivals by month/year?

* halt Pav Wetherspoons - Ramsgate Lloyds?

* clear Pleasurama site - and clear it/$1 CPO/Review: another Summer lost and derelict eyesore.

* cancel Riveroak (and Parkway - KCC refund): aquifer review and protection

Writing on the wall in Ramsgate: "You voted Mackinlay??!!": @timg33

Lame Duck MP's/TDC: every senior councillor voted out in recent elections. Tiem fro vote of no confidence - are we really supposed to wait 2 years to be rid of these lame ducks?

Wells now announcing Riveroak's plans would - shock horror well I never - include night flights is laughable. He didn't realise that? Rather, we've had game=-playing on the damage caused by Manston and Infratil etc since UKIP won the 2015 election to reopen the site then quickly cancelled it.

How polluted is the aquifer and what cleanup has been done? Why has the extradition process for Infratil directors not begun?

* KCC Int links: Virginia /Hungary refreshed? ANd East Europe: Romania etc.

* Good a new campaign on press/radio as Kent vaccinations: below 83% safety level: Pandemics.

KP/Blue Light policy on vaccinations etc? And Left is Life? KP liaison with hospitals/new vaccines?

* I couldn't attend KP Blue Blowers concert at Broadstairs - is there a set list/video?

Garbutt for Mayor 2019 or sooner.

Time for Meiji Kent reforms.

Time for Change

* astonished to see cars parked in Pedzone and pavements/Seafront: G637 SKA still: Good current Mayor Shonk taking photos: tickets and clamp/crush needed

* update: http://lovekentloveramsgate.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/garbutt-for-ramsgate-mayor-may-2019-or.html

* High Court of Corruption: http://lovekentloveramsgate.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/high-court-of-corruption-garbutt-for.html

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