Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kent Chief Constable letter- and Mackinlay election fraud trial next week @timg33

Letter to Chief Constable Pughsley, Kent Police

Dear Chief

I wanted to write to you formally in the General Election campaign on the corruption and criminal points in my manifesto and highlight several of the criminal scoundrels:

1. Manston-Infratil crimes: the extradition of the Infratil directors from Wellington in New Zealand ie Fitzgerald and Clarke, and Bogoievski and Baker and TDC/KCC complicity in removing the monitors at Manston and faking the data from 2004 onwards

2. Charles Buchanan: similar points as 1 as but now in UK at Lydd airport (update: apparently no longer at Lydd nor Northpoint Aviation consultancy?)

3. Gloag-Stagecoach: similar issues to point 1 ie banned aircraft and illegal overflights and failure to reinstate missing monitors and fines 2013-14

4. TDC-KCC complicity in both the above points: Berry, Button and Sproates and KCC Toxic Three now Two: Carter and Wild

5. Sangcom/GPT MOD Saudi arms deals frauds continue: part of Al-Yamamah with former Thanet MP Jonathan Aitken jailed

6. Margate's Joshua French was released from Congo Death Row last week – so no longer a UK Police issue

7. Lord Grabiner: the disgraced "apogee" Chair of BHS/Taveta: secret shareholders - astonishingly still a High Court judge and bizarrely a barrister too - in effect sitting both sides of the bench and marking his own homework


8. Ian Glick QC and Guy Hollingworth complicit with clerks in - also of One Essex Court - false and fraudulent costs in High Court and false imprisonment


9. Judge Mann, Crying Judge and Teacups Judge - aiding and abetting as point 8

10. BSB and Law Society incompetence and coverup: Leavor QC, One Essex Court barristers and clerks etc - clearly a wider parliament and police review of the failing self-regulation of the courts is needed

11. PBI Law: Steve Palmer Hollingworth's accomplice as point 8


12. Messrs Conway and Kelly of Law Step: posing as - and/or aiding and abetting - HMRC officials:


13. Thor Mercury Margate and Cato Ridge: Environment Agency (and Manston role given the East Kent drinking water aquifer under the runway)

14. The blatant Tory 2015 election fraud - the largest in UK history - trial now underway with Craig Mackinlay as scapegoat for 30 MP's and Party HQ Battlebus bussing in supporters and obviously issues of wider electoral reform

The Manston crimes would only pollute the c.130,000 people in East Kent - with resulting increases in cancer - but it is worth noting that the Manston weather station and pollution monitors are one of the key facets of London and South East England's weather and pollution network. The faked data would skew the air pollution figures upwards already c.50k UK deaths.

It’s also worth noting the cost to the taxpayer in lost fines revenue, increased tax cost, and time and damage to HMRC and legal system.

And a wider issue remains around UK national security with flights by Cargolux now based at Stansted and KLM - perhaps piloted by the Dutch King given recent reports - but especially gunrunning and drugs flights - including UN sanctions for blood diamonds etc - as well as Afghan KAM Air and Egyptair via Ostend airport just a few minutes fly-time across the Channel.

Obviously Manston closed in 2014 after being sold for $1 and all the other UK and Europan airports as the directors fled to NZ, but in my MP role I've urged no a no-expense-spared to bring back Infratil's directors: orange jumpsuits, leg-irons and handcuffs.

Corrupt barristers and lawyers and judges are almost an axiom in the UK legal system, with libel tourism for Russian oligarchs etc, but obviously an issue if caught.

And as you know all the above aren’t now denied merely coverup and silence.

Please consider this a formal police statement and/or witness statement and please advise if you require any further information.

Copy on my blog for public view.

Tim Garbutt
Thanet South MP candidate

Time for Change


* good tarmac splodges being replanted in Ramsgate High St replanted with trees and drains/sewers cleanup.
* outrageous KCC and Kent Fire haven't released details of 155 tower blocks in danger in Kent - FOI so no excuse, and shunting blame around depts etc no excuse. Presumably all the fire inspections are upto date anyway?
* and asbestos in schools etc?
* bad that East Kent's Dover in bottom 10 in UK survey of broadband speed

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