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Garbutt for Ramsgate Mayor: May 2019 - or sooner @timg33

Just a few quick points:

* what an awful election - for Kent and UK. Just awful. Indeed: nothing has changed, nothing has changed - except more stagnation

* many thanks to those who voted for me on Thursday and obviously it's disappointing not to win but there we are. Please contact me if you want change in Thanet and Kent: email and Twitter: @timg33

* To vote Independent against Rosettes makes a big difference in national elections - and the vote would be significant for any TDC or KCC council

* My policies below - for Garbutt as Ramsgate Mayor 2019 - or sooner

* Clearly Robot Rosette votes can only explain the Blue-Red votes and no other parties - and words fail me as to Craig Mackinlay being re-elected given the election fraud trial

* Interesting that a Generation Gap is opening up in politics with more young voters amid concern over Brexit and the awful Dementia Tax etc. Clearly Thanet's over-70s councillors are of the past and have failed

* I refused to attend the election night count in protest - and one of the main Ramsgate hotel guests Nick Timothy, Theresa May's beard, no doubt sacked soon (within 2 hours of writing this they were)

* Indeed Thanet South may see 2 more MP elections in 2017: the July trial by-election and then October another national election

But Thanet has seen not just the wipeout of the UKIP vote - and Brexit - but also every senior TDC/KCC UKIPer now rejected: Wells, Heale, Shonk, Piper and Fairbrass.

TDC is a lame duck council with lame duck MP's and national government.

Nothing done since 2015. And before: I've never heard of most of the MP candidates just popping up a week or so before the election and now disappearing.

Garbutt for Ramsgate Mayor 2019 - or sooner.

Or same-old same-old stagnation.

Policies below and regular updates on Twitter: @timg33

Time for a council tax strike - slowpay, wrongpay, refusepay - to take back Ramsgate's £17M tax to spend in Ramsgate and create East Kent Council.

Let Mackinlay and Gale raise any shortfall from Parliament.

Plus extra investment.

More details later.

“Stop the Pollution. Stop the Construction. Stop the Corruption”.

Time for Change

Twitter: @timg33


Top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

1. Close Manston airport completely and dig up the runway – with a $1 CPO to end the SHP New Town and Parkway farce. And to clean and refill the East Kent aquifer that is under the runway.

2. Extradite and jail the Infratil directors and Police investigation into the removal of the Manston monitors and faking of pollution data with TDC and KCC.

3. End the corruption around Pleasurama, and shoddy governance around Pavilion etc, with tax havens such as Belize and Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands in main Kent projects

All of these could be put in place Minute #1 of Day #1 of Garbutt in Parliament.

These policies would end the sloth and dirt that the various parties and council administrations have allowed. TDC is one of the worst councils in UK according to the government itself(!) and Thanet has some of the highest deprivation in SE England.

And this with £2BN KCC budgets, £30M – not allowing for failures and corruption – at TDC and £400k at RTC.

KCC is overly-focused on Maidstone and TDC on Margate. And we have too many and too underpaid councillors. And too many and too overpaid civil servants.

The politicians and civil servants have repeatedly failed us and these policies will begin the change with an East Kent Council as a counterweight to West Kent and Medway.

Blatant travesties of justice as with the High Court of Corruption of Lord Grabiner of BHS and One Essex Court legal criminals and close and cleanup Thor mercury factory near the Hornby Factory could be more easily implemented.

While I will ensure Climate Change – the greatest threat facing humanity – is top of the agenda in Kent. At the moment there are no Climate Change policies at all. So, that would include:

• all public sector buildings switching to renewable electricity

• public buildings with solar panels

• end plastic bag sales: Ocean Plastic and Beach clean

Clearly Brexit after just a year is an utter shambles, and I am completely opposed to it and the destructive effects here in East Kent to the tourism industry, universities and schools and exports.

If you are in the 48% Remain Group then vote for me.

If you are a Tory dissatisfied with Mackinlay’s Battlebus fraud and inaction vote for me.

If you are Labour and dissatisfied with the cosy Thanet deals and corruption then vote for me.

If you are Green or Libdem and concerned at Thanet’s invisible candidates then vote for me.

If you are under 30 then vote for me.

If you are UKIP – if they actually exist now - don’t vote for me. And we need a vote of no confidence in Well’s TDC: promising to reopen Manston then reversing that policy within a month of being elected given the known monitors and aquifer crimes.

Garbutt as an Independent will have the ear and support of every Party leader and Cabinet member in Westminster and Whitehall.

You can already see my success in my East Kent politics work so far:

•Manston closed

•Infratil airports in EU closed – and Rotorua NZ

•Total petrol stations in East Kent closed for Myanmar war crimes

•Margate’s Joshua French released from Congo Death Row

•Gang of Four sacked and jailed

•Richboro power station demolished

•Ramsgate Gasworks demolished

•ChinaGate cancelled

•Toxic Three now Toxic Two: KCC’s Carter and Wild

•BrettGate cement works end: phase 2 but not phase 1

•0% TDC salary fraud ended

As MP I will continue this work for Kent and regions such as ASEAN.

Time for Change


* Please note that I will NOT be attending the election count tonight in protests at the blatant Mackinlay 2015 election fraud

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