Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dead Towns. 5 more years.

Dead Towns. Dead election?

And so the towns die.

Charity shops full of dead people’s belongings as the townspeople age and die.

High St full of derelict and closed shops.

Failure to repair benches or beach shelters. Even to pick up dog muck.

Empty houses as people die or leave.

The public poisoned through removing noise and air monitors to expand the airport.

And for £60M in council tax and £2Bn in KCC tax we receive precisely nothing.

Mere vanity projects fro civil servants and politicians such as shopping centres and art galleries and cargo airports.

All of which have failed.

Reading the main Party manifestos none of it is relevant to Thanet.

Building two new aircraft carriers?

Not here.

Hundreds of thousands of green jobs? Where? Unemployment in Thanet is higher than ever.

A Big Society? Empty phrases for policies that invariably exist anyway. And we certainly didn’t need 4,000 new laws this decade.

The reality is that the main parties have achieved nothing in Thanet.

The reality is they probably couldn’t anyway.

General elections are for the general direction of Britain.

And only 1% of the public are members of political parties.

It means nothing for Thanet.

Our MP’s and councillors and civil servants are mere property speculators selling off public land for unnecessary housing or business parks.

Not one job has been created from public funds.

Pfizer on the other hand with a little support have created over 100 this year based on the UN Millennium Goals growth industries: vaccines, manufacturing nets and water filters and so on.

Steve Ladyman has had 13 years. With a 664 majority – one of the lowest in Britain – he cannot win again.

Laura Sandys is a mere "parachute candidate" dropped in from head office. It could be Broadstairs, Bognor or Belfast: a Parliamentary seat is a seat.

Roger Gale has spent 30 years watching Margate burn down.

It’s time for change.

And you now have a choice.

An Independent. Me. I don’t give a damn about the political parties. I give a damn about Thanet.

I don’t like drinking faeces water. Or aviation fuel water because the drains are unrepaired and Manston has not been regulated.

I don’t like watching the Thor mercury factory go uncleaned.

I don’t like seeing the towns die a little bit more each month.

I don’t like watching Richboro crumble into Pegwell Bay.

I don’t like MP’s or civil servants refusing to disclose every penny of their public salaries and expenses and pensions. Why not? It’s given to them by the public.

I don’t like £22M of council tax spent on the council itself with 56 councillors having no idea of the salary bill.

Do you?

I don’t think you do.

And that’s why I think I’ll win this election. Or come a very close second.

You have a choice.

But you need to act.

I need 10 electors signatures on the electoral forms.

You can email me your name and address and that will do.

And you can sign the forms: I’m available at Surin restaurant from 7pm each evening this week.

I need donations and volunteers for the final 2 weeks of the campaign.

Do nothing and Laura Sandys will win on a low turnout and the election is irrelevant.

Thanet democracy will bumble along until the pensioner councillors die off and then the towns will have decayed too much.

You have a choice.

You can do nothing and things continue to stagnate.

Or you can step forward and make a difference.

But only this week.

Now is the time.

And it’s time for change.

Below is the full manifesto and if you email timgarbutt@yahoo.com I’ll send you a leaflet to give to friends and place in your window:

Why the delays and silence from our politicians and civil servants on the pollution, corruption and construction in Thanet?

Our politicians and civil servants have failed us:

· major pollution incidents and cover-up

· Third World death rates

· deliberate pollution from Manston airport

· toxic waste at Thor, Richboro and Gasworks

· collapse of Margate

· utter waste of tax-funds and tax-salaries

Please display this leaflet in your window and email to a friend (nb. a typo on email address: timgarbutt@yahoo.com is correct)

Vote Garbutt May 6th: Independent Green

Stop the Pollution:

• Close Manston airport: built on the polluted drinking water supply

- repeated safety breaches and monitors removal by TDC and Infratil

- 6 dumped jumbo jets left by KCC despite 76 lawyers on the rates

• Thor mercury factory scandal near Hornby - publish toxin cleanup details:

should have closed in 1988 but remains open – and was expanding

• Clean the gasworks sites in Ramsgate and Margate: arsenic and cyanide in the soil and dust

• Demolish the derelict and polluting Richboro power station

• Clean up Pegwell Bay: one of the two most polluted sites in Kent

* Instigate effective road and shipping pollution monitoring and reform

• NHS joint-monitoring of TDC pollution sites to reduce the Third World death rates: an 11 year health gap to the rest of Kent!

* Establish a Water Protection Zone and meadow on the Manston reservoir

* No oil slicks or ships berthed off Cliftonville and the Blue Flag beaches

Stop the Corruption:

• Repay fraudulent TDC civil service 0% pay rises for Messrs Samuel and White

• End misuse and incompetent use of public funds by one of Britain’s worst councils

• Publish the Pleasurama Caribbean tax haven and Swiss bank contracts

• Sack the Gang of Four of Messrs Samuel, White, Ezekiel and Latchford

and underperforming civil servants and councillors

• Publish all £22M (almost 50% of a council tax budget of £60m!) TDC civil servant

salaries, expenses, cars, pensions and other benefits each month – and for all public bodies and quangos

* Cancel civil service tax-pensions funded by the public

• End ChinaGate completely and refund the £25k Labour party donations to charity

• End “minimargateism” of switching District funds between towns – create Margate Town Council, reopen Ramsgate Tourist

Centre and Albion House Town Hall to the public and MP offices upstairs

Stop the Construction:

• Halt overdevelopment: no new build houses except on brownfield

* Cancel ChinaGate and Thanet Earth expansion

• End garden grabbing construction

• Halt new road construction - clean the drinking water and repair the drains

• Reverse the dereliction of the town centres and Dreamland

• Rollback development at Westwood Cross, an out-of-town shopping centre near-the-town-centres and introduce parking charges

* Create an economy based on more than house-building: 2nd Pfizer and UN Millennium Goal industries, Kent Film Office and Studio and foot passenger ferry

* Create the Pleasurama ice-rink plus New Lido not car parks and rubble

• Expand greenbelt and parks: no business parks, warehouse parks or retail parks - but park parks

Are these disasters the civil service and political party governance we should expect?

Here’s an article from March’s Independent on Sunday on air pollution in the UK

- clearly the collusion by civil servants and our councillors and MP’s to expand

Manston has seriously endangered the health of many members of the public:


We await explanations on why noise and air monitors were removed and not replaced

by Infratil and TDC, why there are repeated breaches of the 106 airport regulations and

consultations and why the airport is still allowed to pollute the drinking water supply.

And why after months and years our councillors, civil servants and MP’s remain silent.

End the destruction of Thanet.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Vote Garbutt May 6th. Independent Green

Visit the blog: http://lovekentloveramsgate.blogspot.com/


email timgarbutt@yahoo.com for more info

Volunteers required for office, fundraising and leafleting

Time for Change

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