Friday, 16 April 2010

Manston report and case study

I've been asked to take part in a study by the University of Buckingham on the environmental impacts of Manston - it should make a useful case study for future airport expansion: see below:

The intention of this research is to establish what the likely major environmental impacts of expansion at Kent International (formerly Manston) Airport will be. According to the airport’s Master Plan the aim is to expand from servicing less than 50,000 passengers per year in 2010 to servicing 2.2million passengers per year by 2018 and 4.7million by 2033.

With regard to the Kent International Airport (KIA) Master Plan for Expansion:

To view the Master Plan please visit:

What do you think will be the major environmental impacts of expansion at KIA?

...The exisiting water pollution, noise and air pollution are already detailed. Infratil and TDC the local council have also removed the noise and air monitors as the airport tried to expand which would increase the pollution. Various reports are available on the "cancer circle" around airports with cancer, asthma etc plus learning difficulties for children due to noise.

Bizarrely Manston is also built on the nearby towns drinking water supply which has simply been ignored by Infratil, flight companies and the local politicans and civil servants

What developments will create the largest environmental impacts?

...........Increased flights: cancer, noise etc and concreting further over the drinking water underground aquifer: ongoing pollution and failing to replenish the water supply.

At what stage of development do you think these impacts will occur?

.......As of now and in previous years: unchecked pollution by Infratil and the local council etc

Do you feel that EU/national legislation goes far enough to combat the environmental impacts of air transport growth, with particular reference to airports?

.............................No: as with Manston there is some legislation but it is poorly implemented or ignored. While "polluter pays" legislation or tax on aviation fuel are also ignored encouraging "limited" pollution and growth while there is no such thing for an aviation company keen to generate profit without incurring the full environmental cost on the public and natural environemnt

Do you think the socioeconomic benefits expansion will bring to the area will outweigh the negative environmental impacts?

..........No: the aviation industry reports used to suggest growth have been proved to be false at worst and generalised at best. While the DofT in 1993 described Manston as not suitbale for expansion and several operators have gone bust over the years: Planestation, Wiggins, EUJet, KCC USA, and now Infratil.

Clearly a "fly and pollute" policy and ignoring the environmental damge to date shows how Infratil and the local council have simply ignored the real dangers to the public and the existing legislation

Do you feel that the airport Master Plan goes far enough to minimise the environmental impacts that expansion will bring?

.....................No: it seems a tickbox exercise with the real facts and dangers of pollution simply ignored or whitewashed away for a later date and creeping expansion. It's simply intended to demonstrate there has been a consulation no matter how feeble.

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......Infratil seem a rogue corporation while TDC seem a local authority in collusion wiht them. Criminal charges for Directors seem relevant.

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