Monday, 19 April 2010

Police and Manston and Pollution

Kent on Sunday letter on pollution and policing Manston below. Kent Police have also rung to arrange a meeting tomorrow which is positive - although this would be after a meeting with Special Branch and the local Police.

It does seem as though you're in more trouble with Police action from shoplifitng a bag of sweets than breaching all the regulations and pollution safeguards at an airport.

Rather than "citizens in uniform" there does seem a police expectation that other public bodies don't require investigation which is clearly nonsense and certainly not the casse if MP's like Damien Green are arrested even within Parliament.

Let's see what they've to say.

If you'd like to raise a concern over Manston or TDC then drop Mark a line for the official complaint:

He's a DS in "Frontier Operations" I thought the Border Agency now handled frontiers or maybe the Coastguard - unless its frontiers of speace for Kent Police's Afghan spy drones. Or do the RAF handle those?

Anyway an unregulated airport and various safety breaches including removing monitors and all built on the drinking water supply seems our frontier council is a mix of cowboys and pirates:

Dear Editor

After the shocking waste of Kent Police’s “Afghan spy drones” surely the priority for the new Chief Constable will be to publish all salaries, expenses, pensions and costs - as already required by FOI for every public authority?

The delay from our public servants for full disclosure suggests the bumf and bloat is only outmatched by “tax and waste” as tax and council tax automatically increases each year.

While with the appalling air pollution and lack of clean up and scrutiny from KCC - whether it’s removing air and noise monitors from Manston or failing to detail repeated road pollution requiring “Air Quality Management Areas” (presumably don’t breathe in) and shipping pollution such as at Cliftonville Sands or Kent’s ports – shows how little the various councils in KMAQP have done to protect the public compared to their tax-pay and tax-pensions.

Perhaps the new Chief should ensure some of the criminals in our councils are behind bars?

Or don‘t coppers arrest civil servants?

Clearly overpaying for a bloated service is one thing – but then having it do little of value is another. And deliberately endangering the public something else.

Surely Kent’s MP’s and councillors should join forces with Kent Police to pretend there is no problem and if there is to whitewash it away – with a possibility for red herrings and Macguffins like his Hollywood namesake perhaps Kent’s Alfred Hitchcock is ideal for Chief Constable.

Unless there’s an Inspector Charles Chaplin?

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate

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