Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Early grave for Thanet

Your Thanet letter (P.14):

With Margate having a life expectancy 18 years lower than the rest of Kent: dying at 63 instead of 81 years old, we are now on a par with Haiti or Burma.

Should we be paying council tax to be killed off this early?

More importantly where are the toxin details for Thor, Richboro, Manston fire station and cancer deaths from Manston airport?

Even more importantly are the fools who created this toxic inheritance for their children and grandchildren likely to be the ones to get us out of it?

And on P.2 the news that TDC haven't deployed the mobile noise monitor this year. Presumably in previous years too.

And still we have overflights of the towns that are specifically banned.

We've had our councillors and civil servants quietly agreeing to waive all the specified safety requirements for Manston. For years.

Thank goodness we know we cannot trust them.

Why haven't derleict sites sucha s Richboro been cleared already? My view on Arlington House/carpark/arcade is that the lot of it should be demolished. Refurbing a 1960's tower block is simply putting lipstick on a corpse.

Thanet is the shame of England because of our councils.

It's time to renew.

It's time to rebuild.

It's time for change.

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