Monday, 23 August 2010

Manston for heroin?

And a 3rd plane - presumably Cargolux - landing at quarter past midnight last night: over an hour since Manston airport should close.

Do the CAA and Police check these flights or do Infratil just breach the operating guidelines as and when they feel like it?

Why bother smuggling bags of heroin from Amsterdam - just fly a 747 in from Luxembourg on a Sunday and offload pallets of it for London or shoot up to Glasgow the drugs capital of Europe - careful not to fly into Canary Wharf by accident though

And an airport built on the drinking water supply is this the CAA at its best?

And why are Infratil and TDC allowing breaches of the operating hours and flightpaths?

If you're interested innthe water supply then email and ask for the Southern Water and Environment Agency reports on Manston, the water reservoir, Manston Firestation and Thor mercury: dates, toxin levels, signatures etc. They keep refusing to provide them to me.

Similar fudge and silence on asbestos sties iNthanet and kent: try

I;ve had a note on the Philip Hoare Fund that's another young chap with cancer: the contact detials weren't included - his parents too busy turning him over through the night to stop his lungs filling with fluid - if anyone has the details please email me on and I'll forward to the QEQM to see if they're staffing up on NHS cancer specialists or we should pay.

On a more positive note KCC are at last getting into Climate Change with an excellent programme of 25 trees for individuals and organsiations - a great idea given Westwood is now a shopping centre and Northwood and Southwood housing estates and Thanet Earth isn't earth anymore.

Although with Thnaet's citizens dying off 18 years earlier than the rest of Kent it might be "a copse for a corpse".

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