Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pegwell Bay pollution

Front page of Your Thanet on the pollution into Pegwell Bay from the airport.

Very shocking.

A UNESCO wetland – like the Camargue or Nile Delta and the scum and scoundrels at Infratil have simply tapped a drainage pipe into the road system and dumped aviation fuel and chemicals into the Bay.

No doubt damaging the shrimps and washing gunge around our Blue Flag beaches.

And all supposedly banned and regulated by TDC and the Environment Agency.

It's not that they didn't know - simply doing nothing. Year after year.

The ludicrous £80M New Road Scheme – yet only £3M for Dreamland - for half a mile of dual carriageway and 12 foot high earth berms is yet more white elephant glory project road building through farmland.

And still the planes fly onto the water supply. The last rump of flights: one Flybe every day or so and a Cargolux every day or so – no doubt the minimum to keep the airport open and of no value.

Except in cancer ward jobs, clean up and coffins.

And still the plug hasn’t been pulled on Manston and the Fire Station – is it really 12 months since the fake night flights consultation that never was?

And Richboro derelict power station crumbles into the sea at Pegwell Bay – rather than being demolished as a spectacular Bonfire Night event.

Thor mercury’s unknown toxic legacy of chemicals and birth defects.

Petrol stations within the Water Protection Zone.

An airport on the water supply.

And dumping it into a UNESCO Bay. And Blue Flag beaches.

Silence from our councillors and MP's and civil servants.

I wouldn’t believe you if you told me.

Isn’t it time for change in Thanet?

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