Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thanet Thor mercury poisoning

No details on Thor mercury factory toxins in Margate, UK (why open when banned in 1988 - and Thor itself handling the cleanup) - also Thor sites around the world and mercury storage and processing in Almaden, Spain and Algeria.



All reported on by UNEP and Royal Society of Chemistry - and ignored.

Why the silence now from Kent County Council, Thanet District Council and Environment Agency.

Obviously it's career-damaging for civil servants not to close a banned factory.

And is the site now being used simply as a dumping ground?

Where are the toxin level reports?

The number and type of containers there?

Photos of the barrels and warehouses?

The discharge amounts and type?

The sampling sites and dates for toxin samples?

Names. Signatures.

Or was it simply not done.

Silence from Kent Police. No site visit for a banned factory?

Silence from Roger Gale and Laura Sandys. No site visit or reports for a banned factory in their constituency?

The Party over polluting the public? Close your windows? Don't drink the water? Or bathe?

Silence from Kent Fire Brigade. No site visits for a banned factory on fire?

Silence from the Environment Agency. No site visits for one of the world's major polluters? And asking them to cleanup their own site.


Silence from our councillors and civil servants?

No resignations? No P45's?

And where are the reports on Richboro.

A derelict coalpower station. Waiting for it to fall into the sea?

Try the Kent head of Environment Agency for your copy of the toxin and site visit reports:


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