Sunday, 8 August 2010

Thanet crashes and burns

The top 200 civil servants meeting in Margate identified an 18 year health gap between Margate and the rest of Kent.

That’s a huge skew for such a small geographic area isn’t it?

18 year difference.

Dying at 63 instead of 81 – these are Third World death rates aren’t they? Haiti or Burma or Yemen according to this table.

What went wrong? Are macro-environment factors an issue: nearby Manston airport and pollution 4x EU limits, Thor mercury banned but remained open for 20 years and derelict Richboro power station?

The new Margate Task Force seems the same amalgamation of Fire, Police, Council etc – and a newspaper poll records 80% of the public not believing it would make a difference.

It looks as if the wheels have come off the County.

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