Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ayatollah Airways flies into Kent

Quite astonishing: IranAir flying into a ramshackle airport like Manston. Or Europe as it seems to be banned. Certainly from the USA.

The US rates it as the terrorist airline of choice - an Iranian equivalent of what the Libyans did at Lockerbie or the recent Yemeni cargo bomb flights.

For Charles Buchanan formerly of City Airport in London to allow this and flights such as EgyptAir taking off from Cairo knowing Manston was closed or the banned Afghan flight is incredible.

But that's why he'll go to jail.

And airport safety has never been paramount at Manston.

Removing noise and air monitors and deliberatelty lying about it. Year after year.

And the CAA and Border Agency are as flimsy as the Environment Agency.

The drumbeat for strikes on Iranian nuclear sites grows louder: two scientists shot, a missile factory blown up etc etc.

With SAM missiles deployed for the 2012 Olympics in London - as with the Atlanta Olympics and Tokyo with the North Korea missile tests - the danger is all too evident.

And Sandys and Gale remain silent - only in January they were trying to develop the Manston Parkway stealth development of the airport being opposed/not-opposed to night flights. Mere Party hacks that'll raise their hand for any old nonsense.

Silence on Thor mercury.

Silence on the flood and clifftop defences - the new Margate defence is a nice set of steps but would have any storm wave crashing into the shops.

Silence on McGonigal maths and the corruption accounts.

Silence on Margate Town Council and TDSC bloat.

Silence on recall and referendum of 10% of the electoral turnout.

Silence on Ramsgate's missing £20M each year - where has that been spent?

Silence on full FOI of civil service costs.

Just KCC and TDC's stale old men and our civil servants crawling under a memo to avoid Police scrutiny.

And deliberately endangering the public.

Time for direct rule from Westminster.

Time for council tax strike and RTC account rather than TDC.

Time for Police inquiry and corporate manslaughter.

Time for Manston to close.

Time for Change.

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