Thursday, 10 November 2011

Royal visit to Margate: right approach but wrong town and wrong time

A sudden Royal visit by the Queen to Margate after 20 years and 30 years before that.

Which is good. Although so sudden almost no-one has heard of it.

Clearly the problems in East Kent are substantial and a visit to the Turner is a good start after the collapse of the political system and civil service.

And with the Commonwealth being revitalised with new succession rules and membership on non-colonies, the monarchy is doing more than just being a useful tourism feature.

Especially with derelict Dreamland on view - and the oil tankers off the beaches failed by the Coastguard - and supposedly another year's delay for the CPO.

But it's the wrong town and the wrong time for the Queen.

Let's hope next year is Royal Ramsgate and its Royal Harbour in the 60 year Royal Jubilee.

Less positively the front page of Yahoo the world's most-read website and animal abuse in Ramsgate:

The video clip is clear and let's hope this marks the end of animal exports from Ramsgate too.

Time for Change.

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