Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Same old daft Bob and his cancer flights

Same old nonsense from Bayford and his cancer crew: another farcical consultation.

And deliberately ignoring the facts and dangers of night flights and Manston and Infratil and KCC and TDC’s actions.

Let’s forget the claims of jobs: they’re ludicrous. An airport the size of Stansted -a few minutes from Heathrow and Ostend.

Planning by clowns

Let’s forget the rationale for night flights: a few flights around the existing hours make no sense – except as the thin end of the wedge. Planestation and Infratil wanted all-night flights: about 30 or so.

Let’s forget that the airport is already bust: Infratil say so – and the only scheduled flights are 2 or 3 Flybe hops to Belfast from Belgium and 2 or 3 Cargolux flights from Luxembourg.

The airport is already bust.

But when are we going to talk about the air and noise monitors being removed? Samuel and White have been sacked but the councillors all knew about it. They were removed back in 2006.

When are we going to talk about the missing fines for pollution and overflights: I estimate at least £2M. That’s a lot of money for our councillors and civil servants to secretly ignore.

When will we talk about the cancer and the runway on the drinking water supply? That’s a serious health hazard again being deliberately ignored.

It’s a year since the last lynch-mob consultation and Latchford being sacked and Ezekiel demoted – why the silence on these issues from our councillors?

We seem to have 130,000 people endangered with noise and air pollution for the sake of a bust airport and deliberate misuse of funds And all the required safety procedures.

Why the silence from Gale and Sandys for over a year?

Where are the Environment Agency figures?

And the nonsense of Labour’s “election promise” of opposing night flights that are already banned – and have been in every consultation. And a £25k bung for ChinaGate expansion.

This isn’t any democratic control and scrutiny of a major polluter, this is just blatant fraud and secrecy on the rates.

When will the FOI publication of all council staffing and costs be produced?

Where are the Thor mercury and MOD Fire figures on pollution?

Questions for your councillors and civil servants:

1. When did you know the monitors were removed?
2. How much would be the fines?
3. Why weren’t they replaced for 5 years now?
4. What scrutiny of the airport has happened in the last 12 months ie air and noise monitoring and fines?
5. Why are overflights continuing even now?
6. How many banned overflights and flights will there be each week?
7. What are the pollution levels?
8. Who agreed to try and provide £10M of public funds with KCC and Infratil for a Manston Parkway as late as April this year?
9. What Fire Brigade cover is there after 5pm and at weekends?
10. When the airport closes - along with Pfizer this year and Dreamland still closed - what other actions for jobs have been undertaken by TDC and KCC?
11. What TDC reforms have been undertaken in the last 12 months – where are the FOI costs of staffing levels, salaries, pensions, expenses, benefits etc?
12. Will you support corporate manslaughter charges against Infratil and TDC and KCC for deliberately endangering the public?

There is no consultation on might flights.

It’s just our stale pensioners and shoddy MP’s blustering to cover over the traces.

Silence from Hayton and Harrison the Airport Committee Chairs.

Silence from Moores and Ezekiel on the 0% salary fraud.

Silence from McGonigal on the corruption maths of fake salaries, fines and tax havens and EKO.

Silence from Button and Berry and Sproates on TDC’s monitoring and missing fines.

Silence from Carter and Kerswell on Manston Parkway and monitors and fines.

Gale and Sandys are simply Party hacks who’ll say anything to be re-elected and prove simply irrelevant. Mere Party handraisers at best and Party bagmen at worst.

Silence from Gale on Thor and nonightlfights/nightflights election reversal.

Silence from Sandys on the Security Futures company - her collection of Party cronies and soon-to-be MP’s and Adam Werrity and the successor to Pargav and funders such as Davis, Lewis, Zabludowicz and G3 and donations to Atlantic Bridge. Looks like Party bagmen work for donations rather than a company to me.

What shoddy scum we have on the rates.

They scurry aound now changing their job titles, shtum payments and silence.

Jail for Carter.

Jail for Buchanan.

Extradite the Infratil Directors.

Corporate manslaughter charges and Police statements from our councillors and civil servants.

It’s your children and grand-children that will bear the cost in the future.

And the same old nonsense and Party drivel from Bayford – time for more capable people like Gideon and Worrow to step in and rid us of daft old Bob and publish the TDC FOI costs and Infratil flights and fines and pollution and call in the Police.

A failed council.

Nothing on Margate Town Council.

Nothing on repiared toilets.

Nothing on Viiv.

Nothing on another year without Dreamland.

Nothing on winfdarm electricity and solar power.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens.

No tax for poisoning your own citizens.

Just the same old fools riding the decline down.

It's your children and grandchildren that will bear the cost.

Leukaemia. Corruption. Tax waste. Missed jobs. Ever higher taxes and working hours.

Maybe it should be like this.

It's what you have now.

Time for Change.

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