Saturday, 26 November 2011

No night flights - just cancer

The No Night Flights meeting last night and good public consultation has been taken out of the council’s hands.

Being "against night flights" but “for the airport” means it stays open – with cancer and noise and night flight attempts every year.

For night flights means cancer and noise all night.

Infratil and TDC have hardly done anything but lie and fly for years.

And stale pensioners remembering when the RAF polluted them on the rates.


1. It’s on the drinking water supply – our councillors hemmed and hawed over when they knew and what they’ve done and shuffled their feet

2. The noise and air monitors were removed by Infratil with KCC and TDC back in September 2006 – so there has been no monitoring. Just Infratil and TDC pretending that they have been monitoring and endangering the public.

That’s corporate manslaughter.

By Infratil and by TDC and KCC.

What councils would hem and haw over expanding an airport by removing monitors – and refusing to close it when it’s on the water supply.

And ignoring the low level overflights.

Silence from Gale and Sandys.

Against night flights but then for them after the election. Against night flights but for the Manston Parkway stealth development as late as January.

Silence from the councillors and a few shtum payments and scapegoats and try and brush it under the carpet.

Drag it out for as long as possible.

Like Union Carbide. Or Corby Council. Or Trafigura

That’s corporate manslaughter.

The Gang of Four are sacked and now it’s a Police inquiry.

Silence from Harrison and Hayton the Airport Committee Chairmen.

Silence from KIACC on why no monitoring for years.

Silence from Button and Berry and Sproates on why no monitoring.

Silence from McGonigal on the corruption accounts of fines-bit-no-fines and 0% salary fraud fro Samuel and White and Pleasurama Cayman Islands.

There will be no night flights.

The airport will close.

But why the delay to protect a few Party and Civil Service careers and face-saving.

Jail for Carter and Buchanan and extradite the Infratil Directors.

Time for Change

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