Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cancer for tripe again

Same old tripe at the Annual Public RTC meeting: shhhhh. Keep quiet. Same old drivel from the RTC/TDC councillors. And apparently questions from the public are not allowed. You know the drivel. Dave renominated as Mayor and overruled my candidacy. About 9 councillors and 12 members of the public there for the required Annual Meeting. No presentation of the Accounts – and not on the website - and refusal to answer questions on salary costs and Manston fines. It’s your money. Shush. Keep quiet. A verbal report from the Mayor and Clerk that everything’s wonderful. A cosy 1970’s club on the rates. But there is a Mayor’s Kidney Charity which is helpful for you and your families. And warm words on volunteers - so you can pay tax and do the work yourselves if the cancer isn’t troubling you. Shush. Keep quiet. Let’s play let’s pretend. And they wonder why TDC is a bottom 10% council. And the electorate don’t bother voting. And only silence from KCC and Kent Police – requiring Treasury funding from falling tax and fines. Mistakes at the airport aren’t a crime. But covering them up are. Every day’s delay endangers you. Or does it not? Garbutt for Mayor again It’s only another lost year. Time for Change.

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