Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cancer victim councillors to vote on night flights

It seems a rather pointless formality at TDC given the airport is up for sale and most of the public opposed. It will be interesting to see who votes for it though. And more interesting that the New Duffers are still in favour of developing the airport. Despite the safety breaches, economic failures and the aquifer. Interesting to see if any of the councillors speak up and call for the 106 to be pulled on public health and safety grounds. Cancer doesn't only work for night flights after all. We seem to have clusters of rosettes and civil servants actively endangering the public. Time for Change in 2013 As Mayor I will close the airport and rebill the fines and cleanup cost to Infratil – a company woiht larger profits than KCC’s budgets (why they were relying on public funds seems bizarre to develop the airport even after removing the monitors seems bizarre). Instigate a Police investigation – even now we have not just the aquifer problem or 0% salary and missing $2M fines civil service corruption but Cargolux ignoring the flight routes and TDC and the Police sat on their hands. Same old and stale duffers clogging up the system. And managing to pollute their own relatives and neighbours and covering up the corruption. No doubt Sandy and the Gang of Four make good scapegoats but they’ve hardly acted alone – not one public statement from a councillor on cancer or corruption or public health and safety. Time for Change

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