Sunday, 27 May 2012

No confidence in the RTC and TDC accounts

An abysmal fudge by TDC claiming to support an airport in the aquifer as it goes bust. And remaining shtum on the monitors and missing $2M fines. KCC and TDC and the Environment Agency have actively colluded with Infratil to endanger the public. The Police need to investigate and press corporate manslaughter charges. No doubt the hope is that Sandy will be a scapegoat for the Gang of Four on peripheral misuse of office charges. Most of the Duffers and Gang of Four wouldn’t last the winter, never mind winter in Pentonville. This Wednesday at 7pm the annual audit of RTC accounts creeps out of the woodwork after being refused at the Annual Town Meeting a fortnight ago. No draft or signed accounts on the website. Ramsgate’s $17M council tax reduced to $300k TDC fob-offs and KCC’s $2.3Bn funds reduced to $25k KCC councillor gifts. Mind you, maybe it’s best not to trust the Duffers. Or factor in corruption and bungs. Information on salaries, pensions, expenses, Pleasurama contracts, Manston fines, disabled grants, 0% fraud etc etc no doubt attempted to be flannelled away by RTC. Who will sign them off though? And McGonigal and the councillors can cover up the mess with more fake accounts and reports on the $2M Manston fines and by remaining silent. Death by Duffers seems to have been the approach by Cancer Bob and now Cancer Clive over the last five years knowing the airport was on the aquifer and knowing the monitors were removed. It seems to be councillors against the public to hang onto their public jobs. And MP’s using Parliament to stay silent. Refusal of FOI and webcams. Silence on recall and referenda. Waiving public salaries as gestures. Vague manifestos. Fake consultations. And they wonder why people don’t bother voting. Developing an airport is one thing. The public can take a view on jobs or night flights. But removing the monitors and downplaying the pollution though is a crime. While Cayman Islands construction and political payoffs is just embarrassing. Even now Cargolux fly off-route over the towns and planes land on the aquifer. And silence on Thor: banned but still operating and silence on the contamination. And where will McGonigal end up next with her talent for rejigging the fines, 0% salary fraud and keeping shtum for the paycheck on the rates. A vote of no confidence in the accounts, a council tax strike and Police investigation into council fraud is relevant for a bottom 10% council. Same old and stale duffers clogging up the system. And managing to pollute their own relatives and neighbours, and jettison Sandy while groveling to Buchanan and covering up the corruption. Another lost year after a lost decade. Garbutt for Mayor in 2013. Time for Change.

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