Friday, 20 May 2016

A 21st Century Britain Agenda

Agenda points:

1.SDG2030/UNMDG: UK as a world leader in Third World aid – but recent issues such as DFID overspending on the 0.7% budget and the perception of “getting the money out” rather than effective problem-solving. In particular UK hasn’t disseminated SDG etc into every public sector organisation which will only delay delivery. I’d argue that 2030 is too distant a goal and many of the SDG’s could be achieved sooner eg 2022 given the success of UNMDG. As well, no action has been taken on either UNMDG or SDG in UK – unlike say Philippines – where the goals are meant to tailored in each nation as a policy blueprint eg UK probably doesn’t have a famine problem but rather issues around food banks and obesity etc.

2.Climate Change: as point 1 but also UK Government seems to have taken its hand off the wheel now Climate Change Laws have been passed on actually implementing Climate Change polices. One small example: public sector offices switching to renewable energy is a no brainer, simple and easy but nothing done.

3.Third World UK aid: a review of the balance between DFID activity and providing funds to NGO’s.

4.Space: an overview of how will UK be a world-leader in space – and in what niches? Japan for example leading on Space Junk cleanup, also a UK role in first woman on Mars before 2030?

5.UKPS21C: UK Public Sector in 21st Century: what will/should UK look like in 2100? There seems no longer-term UK plan beyond a parliament or at best SDG2030?

6.Recession Plan: an end to boom and bust is a not unreasonable approach. UK Government should have off-the-shelf projects eg prison build ready to implement at the first signs of recession to ensure they’re as short and shallow as possible. Similarly better warning signs of recession. Also given steel or coal mines in previous years (and Heseltine’s previous work on regeneration) an overview on economic and societal planning/diversity.

7.Free Economy: a term I refer to, as point 5, whereby the UK economy moves towards free services eg Switzerland and the Basic National Income or GNH Gross National Happiness.

8.Digital Britain: given the importance of digital across the UK economy and society an overview of the depth and speed of ensuring UK is a world-leader eg South Korea as a benchmark with 88% smartphone penetration and UK only 68% - but also Latvia and Finland etc. Especially within schools eg Yingluck policy of free computers etc

9.Pandemics: one of a trio of key threats with Nukes and Meteors. UK seems extremely weak: London as TB capital of Europe, weak NHS reporting, lack of blood/organs etc. A massive danger.

10.Strategic Industries and Growth Markets: a huge improvement on previous years yet weak knowledge amongst the public and even civil service.


a.Hinkley and nukes - foolish in the 21st century

b.Graphene: a huge UK success being wasted – and the UK failing of Great Inventions then monetised elsewhere

c.OneGOV: a Garbutt initiative ie digital government by providing free email/mobile tel

d.Left is Life: a Garbutt initiative: police/military/civilian carrying emergency contact/medical info in a left hand pocket – and police blood tests etc for blood stocks etc

e.100X faster internet, phone and car batteries: as point 8 already exists but USA (often the Pentagon) far better in stimulating markets with Government investment in such key products

f.1960’s Tower blocks/asbestos/pylons cleanup and improvements

g.Obvious scandals shortened: Hillsboro, Deepcut, Bloody Sunday, Chilcot (now scheduled) etc

h.EU Review: aside from the debate on Brexit there seems a massive weakness on evaluating the performance of the EU organisations and UK budgets

i. Undercover Sex Cops/ammo: astonishing police spying and getting demonstrators pregnant, also lack of scrutiny of police guns and ammo stocks - as well as spying Caroline Lucas and Sian Berry London mayor candidate: StasiState and waste of public funds and the decisions seem to have been taken within the police force – wider concerns on GCHQ/NSA out of control spying on everyone and everything.

j.UK spheres of influence given Sarkozy Med Partnership lead and collapse of Central Africa: Sudan, Somalia and UN-UK Police.

k. High Court-law: complete lack of oversight eg Clementi Review and Hollingworth/GlickQC and Lord Grabiner QC fraud

12.Kent specific points:

a.SS Richard Montgomery: explosives ship: dithering on cleanup

b.Live Animal Exports: massive public opposition on animal cruelty grounds (40 sheep shot) and SS Joline ship on Channel routes

c.Operation Stack: a weak consultation

d.As point 11.a – concern at police spying on Cllr Ian Driver and elected councillor and MP's

e. Libya navy-EU dithering

f. More on Howes corruption and Port £500k fraud Treasury/OLAF censored report later

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