Monday, 9 May 2016

Kent Remedial work and UK AntiCorruption Summit for Kent's Infratil etc?

Kent Remedial: items dragging/incomplete
April 2016

1. Richboro: full site clearance/derelict wind turbine removed
2. Thor: closure
3. Pleasurama: cancelled/consultation/site clearance
4. Arlington House: full demolition - Magnitsky plaza/Crimea twin town (and twin towns expanded with other Thanet/EK towns)
5. Broadstairs rape lawyer - search
6. Liberation Route Europe: Kent – Dunkirk/Fortitude-Patton (also Nolan movie: EKFOS)
7. Northern Belle 1857: missing c.12 US Presidential medals
8. WW1: Canada Military/Canadian Red Cross hospitals centred in Ramsgate
9. Slipways: cancelled
10. Pavilion: Wetherspoons: cancelled
11. RTC/TDC: full FOI – monthly updates
12. Hoverport/Pegwell Bay: site clearance/UNESCO protection with Canterbury x3 UNESCO sites
13. Ramsgate Fire station: new £1M garage cancelled and #2 pool repaired/reopened
14. Manston: airport buildings cleared/runway dug up
15. Lydd/Ostend: airports closed
16. Dungeness: closed faster
17. Ramsgate: c.£17Mpa town tax redirected from TDC
18. Belgian nuclear power stations: dumping/sabotage risk
19. Machetes etc: Trade Station, Harbour St
20. Tonis noisy newsagent
21. Vale Tavern: dumped caravan/airaid shelter listed/illegal ads
22. Berry, Button. Sproates sacked: Manston monitors - also Infratil extradition
23. Margate Town Council created: East Kent Council
24. 2016-17: annual calendar of events – Bank Holidays and Xmas
25. Pedestrian zone: town crossroads and Harbour parade and Arches/port (nb kiosks/Loomis/G4S illegal parking)
26. SS Richard Montgomery explosives/shipwreck cleared
27. Channel Dash remembrance - Dunkirk
28. 27 Air Sea Rescue, Dover HQ: Royal Oak Hotel, Ramsgate: 1942-45: 13,000 aircrew saved
29. UN Remembrance site: Old Ramsgate Hospital
30. Margate Korean War memorial repair/upgrade

Tim's Titbits:

* UK AntiCorruption Summit this week - Time for Infratil, Pleasurama BVI and One Essex Court arrests
* Astonishing Sex Cops UK police shagging demonstrators and Police espying on Caroline Lucas MP and Cllr Driver - horrifying StasiState beyond democratic scrutiny - who approved this? What other police spying operation are still ongoing in Kent?
* Bill Browder of #rednotice testifies in UK Parliament for need of Magnitsky Act: underway in USA, Canada and France

Time for Change

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