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Dirty Kent: the corruption and failure continues

Yet another dodgy dossier of corrupt Kent: now the £1M Port dredging missing funds investigated by OLAF the EU fraud organisation and UK NAO:


Yet another UKIP TDC councilor resigning last week - and with no explanation - making a mockery of last year's elections and guff about reopening Manston. And all with 3 ongoing court cases (at last year's election but kept schtum) for council tax and the Leader(!) and the Stolen Valour and shoplifting councilors.

Now Kent Police along with 8(!) other police forces investigating the Tory election fraud - so blatant it's taken KP 12 months to dither an try and not investigate.

Yet no explanation why Steve Uncles has had 2 years of waiting for trial on previous election fraud allegations - more serious in ballot rigging. Nor why Fergus was banned from the PCC election for minor admin issues - you have to hand-deliver the forms?? On a silver tray??

Silence from One Essex Court and Hollingworth, GlickQc and Lord GrabinerQC and Clerk Darren Burrows ( but previous clerk an MBE too resigned) - but the legend Judge BA Suitcase Smithy pops up today insulting QC's. He has a point.

And bizarre with FOI/EIR OLAF censoring the names in its report. Why? If public funds has gone astray who was responsible? This isn't some guessing game on the rates. Who are the officials - or criminals - we funded who have messed up so badly?

And now up steps Tim Howes TDC's increasingly ludicrous lawyer on the rates, with the following email of bluster (and my reply) from the TDC Anticorruption points last week (apologies for some of the line breaks that have tech gremlins for some reason - A4 PDF document available if needed):

Tim Garbutt 2017 KCCC Leader candidate said:

"It's clear TDC is still stuck in its bad old ways as one of the UK most corrupt and failing councils - mired in the bottom 10% of UK councils as reviewed by Whitehall and Westminster.

While the latest Private Eye pours cold water on the latest, and laughable, Local Government Association review (funded by the public) describing TDC as excellent.

And as if to reinforce the point of TDC stagnating - on the day of the Anticorruption Summit - I received the following letter from Tim Howes, the TDC in-house lawyer (albeit with the wrong date):

12 April 2016

Re: Contact with the council

Dear Mr Garbutt,

I have been shown your email of the 12 May 2016.

I am now writing to make clear to you that it is wholly unacceptable for you to make personal or

derogatory comments or use inappropriate language about staff or councillors in your


To discourage such poor behaviour I have given an instruction that no response should be made to

any correspondence from you which contains such comments or language.

I trust that you will therefore amend your behaviour accordingly.

Yours sincerely

Timothy Howes, Solicitor

Director of Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer

My email, and blog article, detailing the corruption around Manston and Gang of Four and BVI Pleasurama etc is detailed below.


It's perhaps apt with the BVI refusing to attend the Anticorruption Summit that its only presence is in Kent with TDC and Pleasurama.

I've asked for an explanation of who approved Tim Howes' letter and exactly which points he considers are inappropriate or derogatory. Silence so far.

Without a credible explanation, Tim Howes should be sacked/resigned off as with the previous Gang of Four officials.

And, not to even attempt to address the blatant corruption and fraud around the Infratil monitors removed by TDC is of grave concern.

And certainly for a publicly funded lawyer grounds for dismissal and removal by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as well as criminal action for aiding and abetting, and misconduct in office.

A review is needed on public sector payoffs and padded pensions and future public sector pop-up jobs.

While a Magnitsky Law and List of corrupt public officials would be a step forward in ensuring better public service at TDC and elsewhere.

Thanet and East Kent deserves better, especially the cancer victims exposed to 4xEU safety levels of pollution at Manston who fund Tim Howes' lavish salary and pension on the rates - but not to cover up these crimes.

Time for Change


I think we need a Magnitsky list: a global version for human rights and Panama Papers fraud and a Kent-specific (and other counties) version. the days of corrupt public officials relying on coverup and now simply ignoring FOIU are over. So are the days of pension payoffs and resigned-off and then and then another public service role:

Magnitsky List - a draft for debate

1. Magnitsky judges/officials: courts, prison, police, tax office

2. Infratil directors NZ: Fitzgerald, Clarke, Bogoievski, Baker: Manston/EU fines and monitors

3. Infratil directors UK: Buchanan – Lydd

4. Gloag Scotland/Stagecoach: Manston fines/monitors

5. KCC UK: Toxic Three: Carter, King and Wild

6. TDC UK: Berry, Button Sproates

7. 0% fraud: Macgonigal, Moores and Latchford

8. TBC: Environment Agency Andrew Pearce, and Southern Water Matthew Wright

9. TDC Planning: Raymond, Fibbens, Thomas, Bensted and Kenyon

Tim's Titbits: misc points:

TG Kent successes

1. Total petrol stations banned and removed

2. Richboro coal power station demolished: 3 cooling towers

3. Arlington House 30-storey 1960’s tower block demolition underway

4. Ramsgate gasworks demolished: 2 gas towers

5. Gang of Four sacked and jailed: Ezekiel, Samuel, White and Latchford (nb latter returned as UKIP)

6. Macgonigal and Moores, TDC Chief Executive and Cabinet member resigned off: 0% salary fraud with Gang of Four

7. Manston airport closed: Infratil/Gloag removed/faked monitors and fines with KCC/TDC

8. Infratil EU airports closed: Prestwick, Germany and Rotorua – only Wellington left

9. Ostend gunrunning/blood diamonds: banned aircraft stopped eg DASAir, Iranair etc

10. Kent Police: Missing, Most Wanted and Cold Cases developed

11. MP resigned early: Laura Sandys


1. Dreamland reopened 2015 after 10 years derelict

2. Pleasurama BVI: cancelled at least twice

3. FOI begun: salaries, pensions, expenses, cars etc

4. Pedestrian zone/parking enforcement: tickets/clamp

To be completed:

1. Latchford – Gang of Four

2. Buchanan – Lydd

3. Ostend airport closed

4. Toxic Three

5. Infratil Directors/Gloag extradited and unpaid fines

6. Berry, Button and Sproates arrests: corporate manslaughter

7. Thor cleanup

8. Pleasurama BVI closed and cleanup

9. Pavilion: Wetherspoons illegal planning cancelled and missing repairs

10. Van Gogh gallery

11. 2nd swimming pool

12. Tonis noisy newsagent

Politics misc needed:

1. Benefit sanctions targets/suicides

2. Rental agencies: letting fees

3. Electricity meter: extra charges

4. Trains: cheapest fare

5. Arms to Saudi: UK MOD Sangcom/GPT/Al-Yammamah

6. Remaining 3 Deepcut murder-suicide inquiries

7. ASEAN death penalty: 15 Indonesian executions – more than rest of ASEAN put together

8. Space Ladder

9. Free Economy

10. Left is Life: blood/organs

11. Margate’s Joshua French Death Row Congo – other UK citizens?

12. BBCTV licence fee cancelled: 90% of court cases

13. HFSS: high fat, salt sugar – food improvements: product, labelling and advertising

14. Air pollution: 40k UK deaths and 9k London deaths

15. Cancer/Stroke/Cataracts improvements: 110x University Chairs

16. Whitehall Out of Whitehall: Salford success- other depts plan

17. UK university at DaNang University: £1M invested so far

18. HS3/HS2: fastforward – from Newcastle down not from London

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