Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Time for a Free Economy - Tobacco, China and Corrupt Kent, words fail me

Time for a Free Economy:

#Switzerland: now a free Basic National Income being outlined

#Switzerland: banks to end printing money - Central Bank only

#Italy: now a free daily ration of 50L of water suitable for most domestic needs

#Finland: now free internet/wifi as a human right

#Germany caps interest rates at 10%

#Denmark: now free education at any age and extended maternity and paternity leave

#EU: now a cap on mobile roaming charges

Time for:

# free renewables electricity daily ration

# free public transport

# free mobile/landline phone: monthly cap, always-on emergency service and free SMS

# free food: daily healthy needs eg fruit and veg (30% of all food wasted) upto £5 per person per day

# free TV licence: scrap the licence for ring-fenced national tax and end 90% of court cases

# free Living Wage and Pension and Maximum Salary

# free 2nd class stamps and cap first class next day stamp

# free children’s clothes and computer/smartphone

# 4 day work week and Public Holidays as EU average: c.11 not 8

# abolition of zero hours contracts and interest rates over 10%

# OneGOV: free email and mobile tel no.


The 21st century will see the NHS or Police and Fire Service commodity pricing extended throughput society. Only premium products and services and business services will be charged for initially.

As with the water supply why would an elected democracy want to charge its citizens for core services? And why would it want to incur cumbersome and wasteful charging and collection processes?

Especially when many such services and production will be both digitised and automated.

Inflation is based on a basket of goods so why shouldn’t a similar process be used for daily rations etc?

A Free Economy is a faster way to free up society.

Somebody alive today in 2016 may well remember the poor houses of the 1920’s and General Strike of the 1930’s and destruction of WW2: no NHS, grinding poverty, education to age 12, few university places, and women only just allowed the vote.

Surely society will improve even more by 2116.

GDP and GNI and a monetised society will be replaced by GDH.

Britain is already trailing many EU nations. Why shouldn’t UK be a world leader and set the pace?

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits:

* Sincerity article on AXA tobacco and Future China: http://sincerityagency.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/axaing-tobacco-and-china.html

* a bizarre note from Tim Howes the legal bod at TDC making up some vexatious accusation for asking about TDC corruption or illegal Pavilion and cutting off access to elected councilors(!)...without telling them(!) etc - more later, although he may not last long

* Words fail me on the £500k EU fraud by TDC and now the White Finger £2M health scandal: Ian Driver's blog covers both the scandals in detail http://thanetgreencouncillor.blogspot.co.uk/ - more later. You couldn't make it up if you tried could you?

* No news yet from Kent police on the undercover Sex Cops - will they shag you? Is it a Police breeding programme on the rates? More seriously, a concern of no democratic scrutiny. And no news on the bizarre Domestic Extremist databases by 43 forces of elected councillors and MP's. Don't Special Branch handle wiretaps of MP's? - more later

* Kent elections weak: no news on the Kent PCC election and Henry Bolton as a civil servant standing. Blatantly illegal. What must they think in the Congo with these Mickey Mouse elections?

* Nor news on the RTC and TDC election from Cllr Mo Leys resigning: TDC aren't sure and RTC shunt it to TDC. So much for UK elections being crisp and clear and clean

Time for Change

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