Friday, 6 May 2016

Gazette letter: Ramsgate Town Council failure

Dear Editor

If the PCC election this week are estimated to be another low turnout, surely they'll only be bettered if that's the word by RTC, and both the Mayor and Freeman elections/appointments.

Both shrouded in mystery along with the illegal 30% increase in tax: bizarrely RTC's own accounts make no mention of the £130k salaries of Richard Styles and his team presiding over this murk:

While illegal references to the 1960(!) Local Government Act rather than 2005 Freedom of Information are simply feeble attempts to hide the mess of nothing done again for Bank Holiday, and the highest pensions in Kent governance.

Mayor Shonk's parroting of improving Ramsgate (presumably TDC and KCC too) has proved to be empty words and empty ceremony after a year with Pleasurama still derelict and now the Slipways, 100 SE Rd garden grabbing, Pavilion and Slipways farce.

The old folks home for doublehatters at RTC is so far both irrelevant and useless and replacements and call-in of and refunds of costs are required.

Time for Change
Garbutt 2017 KCC Leader

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