Monday, 30 April 2012

Contamination Kent

Contamination Kent: P.8 of Sunday Times article on genetic birth defects in Northfleet - the children's intestines poke through their skin. From contaminated water and atrazine. Shouldn't Leinster and the Environment Agency be overhauled or jailed for this; and Thor and Infratil - an airport on the aquifer and dumping fuel into a SSSI wetland - and all noted by the Environment Agency for years. Looks like delay and denial from civil servants causing corporate manslaughter to me - what do you think? And not one public statement from our MP's and councillors - an airport supposedly the size of Stansted, a mercury factory supposedly closed 20 years ago and a SSSI wetland next to the most Blue Flag beaches in the UK. Shtum payments and regignations to cover up - but not clean up. We've elected and appointed scum and scoundrels to endanger the public on the rates. Time for the Police. Time for Change.

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