Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The end of Dave and the Duffers

The last desperate gasp of failed politiicans: unscheduled meetings, shaping the agenda (bizarrely the required nomination of Mayor is simply ignored) and secret meetings on Pleasurama.

The Duffers have failed.

If they could have improved things they would have.

Pfizer is closing losing thousands of jobs and they stay quiet and do less.

Pleasurama-Bungarama: a new regime and the same secret meetings and silence on the 25k Ramsgate Labour bung – the largest ever Party donation.

Silence on asbestos in schools and public buildings – from the 1970’s.

Secret salaries and pensions – with public funds.

In favour of Manston – and now it’s gone bust – and silence on removong monitors and the water supply.

Payoffs for the Gang of Four corruption rather than jail.

Duplicate double hatters aad triple hatters soaking up public funds to spout the same drivel in duplicate and triplicate.

Tomorrow – a public vote of no confidence.

I’ll stand as Mayor for 12 months and:

1. Call for a Police enquiry into Manston and Thor and the 0% fraudsters – with witness statements and arrests and jail sentences
2. Close Manston: end the 106 agreement and operating permit
3. Close Thor and clean Pegwell Bay
4. FOI: publish all public salaries and costs – every penny
5. FOI: end secret meetings: all open to the public and journalists
6. FOI: end secret council documents: all published online
7. Establish votes for 16 year olds
8. End doublehatters and triplehatters and coopted(unelected seats): one council seat, one person, one vote
9. Establish Margate Town Council: reduce TDC councillors and ciivl servants and costs, and demolish Arlington House and end TescoTowns and reopen Dreamland
10. Council tax strike: Ramsgate’s $20M retained by Ramsgsate not wasted by Margate and Maidstone

Tomorrow –a public vote of no confidence.

Why would the Duffers not do this? Too oldfashioned. Too incompetent. Too secretive. Nothing to say. Nothing to do. Party fanatics relying on the national rosette.

End of the Duffers: a public vote of no confidence after a Lost Decade and Cancer Victim Council.

Time for Change

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