Monday, 16 April 2012

Ramsgate Town Council crumbles

I’ve had a note that there’s a Ramsgate Town Council this Wednesday that’s the annual meeting for the Mayor announcement – yet the website confirms 9th May as the meeting.

An utter shambles.

More bureaucrats hired – and salaries and pensiosn kept secret and they can't fix the required annual meeting properly.

A meeting supposedly held at the Kings Theatre as the new town hall is too small and attempts to sell off Albion House and the town relics.


And all for the first year of directly-elected mayors.

And of course nothing done. A few Xmas decorations and an event or two.

The same old duffers and Party fanatics standing for both Town and District to crowd out the public and just appointing themselves and saying everything’s wonderful.

What have they been doing in this Lost Decade? They seem to be the problem - riding the decline down with public money.

The Ramsgate Town council website again showing just three sets of meeting minutes in a year and layers of agendas for trifling ceremonial guff.

Similarly at KCC there’s the County Concillors – who are also District and Town – nominating Honorary Aldermen – who seem to be ex-county councillors – and handing out silly badges and certificates on the rates.

Silence on Manston and the missing monitors and fines and costs.

Silence on the Gang of Four corruption and 0% fraud.

Silence on Thor mercury.

Silence on Pleasurama-Bungarama.

Silence on asbestos in schools.

Time for a proper Police investigation unless the coppers are too scared to emerge form behind their pensions and do some investigating on the rates.

Or maybe it’s illegal to arrrest politicians and civil servants and aviation Directors.

Maybe they should be paid off with a bonus on the rates instead?

For an airportt on the water supply.

For 4x EU safe levels of emissions.

For pulic funds for car parks and Parkways when Manston has larger profits than KCC.

For EU-banned aircraft.

Time for Change.

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