Monday, 9 April 2012

Nigel Farage, directly elected mayors and Thor and Infratil

I spoke at the Nigel Farage meeting in Broadstairs last week on Infratil/Manston airport and Thor mercury.

And below a summary of points made to Nigel as MEP for Kent.

1. Manston is on the East Kent drinking water supply – astonishing incompetence and public health danger
2. KCC and TDC public funds for Manston show appalling waste
3. Infratil removing noise and air monitors and faking reports – with KCC and TDC support and knowledge
4. Known gunrunners and banned EU flights into Manston
5. Illegal overflights by Cargolux from Luxembourg/Brussels airport
6. Thor mercury: banned for polluting Margate in 1988 but remains open; subsequently polluting Cato Ridge in South Africa

I’d hope you’d be able to act on these points as MEP:

1. A Police enquiry
2. Extradite the Infratil directors for a corporate manslaughter trial
3. Close Manston and protect the water
4. Close Thor


A fun website for schools for women supported by footballers: 1Goal. In UK women's football is the 3rd largest participant sport - and 69M children not in school worldwide - that doesn't seem such a huge problem to fix - or 8M deaths from infectious diseases


Directly elected mayors info: towns such as London and Liverpool already have them and several more voting on them along with elected Police Commissioners (it seems strange that the NHS and Education have no local democratic oversight).

Thanet had one of TDC’s quickfix random consultations with c.250 people in favour for over a year – and no process put in place.

I think the reality is the TDC senior civil servants haven’t got the foggiest other than knee-jerk reaction to delay, deny and deceive and cling onto their ludicrous bloated Prime Minister salaries and pensions of 90k plus for a bottom 10% council, and the politicians simply want to brush everything under the carper to maintain their positions and ride the decline down.

And together they club together to hide any problems from the public.

And we’re supposed to vote for them.

The worst of all possible worlds: declining turnouts, nonexistent manifestos, hidden public costs and scrutiny, double hatters and co-opted politicians crowding out the public and scrutiny of Treasury funds.

Nothing on FOI of civil service salaries and staffing.

Nothing on Manston and Thor.

We have our politicians and civil servants acting as criminals with Infratil endangering the public – and the Police too scared for their pensions and positions to make the necessary arrests.

A major airport expansion by removing the noise and air monitors and then covering it up for years and then quietly quietly trying to brush the problem away and pretend nothing is wrong.

I’ll announce my candidacy for directly-elected Mayor at the Ramsgate Town Council annual meeting – with calls to boycott TDC council tax and begin the closure of TDC and jail Buchanan and the Infratil Directors and Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild for corporate manslaughter.

With the demolition of Richboro, closure of Manston, demolition of Ramsgate and Margate gasworks and sacking and arrest of the Gang of Four our politicians simply have no policies or public remit after a Lost Decade.

And a year not to prepare a Town Plan. Pointless pensioners and buraeucrats simply soaking up public funds for nothing.

Time for Change: Weds 9th May directly elected Mayor

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