Monday, 30 April 2012

Contamination Kent

Contamination Kent: P.8 of Sunday Times article on genetic birth defects in Northfleet - the children's intestines poke through their skin. From contaminated water and atrazine. Shouldn't Leinster and the Environment Agency be overhauled or jailed for this; and Thor and Infratil - an airport on the aquifer and dumping fuel into a SSSI wetland - and all noted by the Environment Agency for years. Looks like delay and denial from civil servants causing corporate manslaughter to me - what do you think? And not one public statement from our MP's and councillors - an airport supposedly the size of Stansted, a mercury factory supposedly closed 20 years ago and a SSSI wetland next to the most Blue Flag beaches in the UK. Shtum payments and regignations to cover up - but not clean up. We've elected and appointed scum and scoundrels to endanger the public on the rates. Time for the Police. Time for Change.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Duffers. They just don’t get it

The RTC meeting last Wednesday was much of the same tripe. Only half the 16 councillors turned up. It turned out to be the required 3rd meeting – almost no notice as I don’t think the clerks can work the website – two meetings before the required 4th meeting. So in a year 2 of the 4 public meetings within a fortnight of each other. The 9th May meeting is for the election of the Mayor. Normally this is secret with The Duffers passing it among themselves as some sort of Duffer Ceremony. Which is what it has been. Dave came out with an attempt that somehow the public can’t directly nominate the Town Mayor. Some guff about a – nonexistent - Thanet mayor being legal. Thanet isn’t a town Dave. The public choose the councillors and the mayor. Richard Stiles at one point – after all the councillors kept shtum about FOI – refused to disclose salaries although other costs could be released. Although they weren’t on the website. His salary apparently is much less than 40k. They just don’t get it. FOI means all costs. Because they’re funded by the public. Questions on Manston and Thor met with some off the cuff guff about interceptors so no oil spillage, not sure when Infratil leave or how Manston and Thor will be cleared up. You can guess. But why haven’t the councillors released the contamination levels? Lots of repetition about how everything is TDC’s fault. Given almost all the councillors are doublehatters for RTC and TDC this seems bizarre. It’s the same people. They are the problem. They just don’t get it. The 1970’s are over. Dodgy corruption and construction deals. Pollution. Secret costs and contracts and reports. Automatic tax increases. Duffers bumbling around on ceremony and guff. It’s over. 100% FOI. as routine. Clear and specific policies. No poisoning your own citizens on the rates. Dave and the Duffers who run RTC have been doing it for 3 years now. And TDC. And TDC for years before that. They could have years more and millions more and still leave the towns as a dump. Many of the older Duffers may not even last the Winter. And leave not just a Lost Decade but their children and grandchildren with nothing more than cancer and the cleanup bill. Apparently there’s 2 windfarm hotel ships – so the grand economic strategy is to have a tax-port to create a tax-windfarm and the jobs actually live and sleep on a ship in the Channel. Presumably they row ashore once a month for toilet paper and Pot Noodles. Not really an economic boon. As Mayor I’ll remove those ships and provide a boon to the hotel and pub and restaurant trade. Councillors wringing their hands on animal exports and nothing can be done. They just don’t get it. Animal exports will not use the tax-Port either – even if a ship blockade is required again. Presentations on the suggested sell-off of Albion House by the Duffers – presumably the furniture and artifacts have been dumped. Along with manifestos. And a presentation on the Ramsgate Tunnels. Asbestos surveys etc have taken up the 50k grant from last year. Nothing done. Layers of tax-bureaucrats hired to say there’s no money and nothing can be done and tax will rise. Every job a cancer job or a tax-job. And Dave says corruption what corruption I don’t know of any corruption can you tell me afterwards. Tripe. Ask McGonigal and Button for the missing monitors and missing $2M fines and 0% salary fraud. Or Pierce and Sproates at EA for the toxin levels at Thor and missing fines. Or any of the councillors on any of the above or Pleasurama-Bungarama or ChinaGate. Or the Gang of Four and shtum payments on the rates. You’re a TDC councillor and an RTC councillor and the Mayor. If not you then who? They just don’t get it. A Mayor for 3 years and playing a child’s guessing game of everything’s terrific what could be wrong? Bullshit and Bureacracy for failure. One party state. It’s over. The Duffers are the problem. A bottom 10% council. Same faces in a pensioners club relying on secrecy and bullshit. They just don’t get it. 9th May vote Garbutt for a directly elected Ramsgate Town Mayor. It’s easy. You raise your hand. You’re the public. You decide. Not the national rosettes or these duffers and clerks riding the decline down. Although where the meeting will be held is anybody’s guess as the Custom House is too small even for the 50 or so people the other night. Time for Change. Breaking NEWS: Kent Police fraud squad to question Carter and King on flawed expenses and KCC on all its VAT returns: Garbutt preparing for the May 2013 directly-elected KCC Leader election: not East Kent, not West Kent but One Kent. Time for Change.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Solar power Kent

An article on the world's largest solar power plant in India: Look how thin and light the panels are. In Kent every house should have roof solar panels for home use and resale to the Grid - and internal panels to replace water central heating. And warehouse roof solar panels for business - and to power irrigation and desalination. And end gas supplies in 1960's tower blocks. No new build without solar panels. In Kent so far - the sunniest part of Britain? Almost nothing done - except windfarms which only work when it's windy.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The end of Dave and the Duffers

The last desperate gasp of failed politiicans: unscheduled meetings, shaping the agenda (bizarrely the required nomination of Mayor is simply ignored) and secret meetings on Pleasurama.

The Duffers have failed.

If they could have improved things they would have.

Pfizer is closing losing thousands of jobs and they stay quiet and do less.

Pleasurama-Bungarama: a new regime and the same secret meetings and silence on the 25k Ramsgate Labour bung – the largest ever Party donation.

Silence on asbestos in schools and public buildings – from the 1970’s.

Secret salaries and pensions – with public funds.

In favour of Manston – and now it’s gone bust – and silence on removong monitors and the water supply.

Payoffs for the Gang of Four corruption rather than jail.

Duplicate double hatters aad triple hatters soaking up public funds to spout the same drivel in duplicate and triplicate.

Tomorrow – a public vote of no confidence.

I’ll stand as Mayor for 12 months and:

1. Call for a Police enquiry into Manston and Thor and the 0% fraudsters – with witness statements and arrests and jail sentences
2. Close Manston: end the 106 agreement and operating permit
3. Close Thor and clean Pegwell Bay
4. FOI: publish all public salaries and costs – every penny
5. FOI: end secret meetings: all open to the public and journalists
6. FOI: end secret council documents: all published online
7. Establish votes for 16 year olds
8. End doublehatters and triplehatters and coopted(unelected seats): one council seat, one person, one vote
9. Establish Margate Town Council: reduce TDC councillors and ciivl servants and costs, and demolish Arlington House and end TescoTowns and reopen Dreamland
10. Council tax strike: Ramsgate’s $20M retained by Ramsgsate not wasted by Margate and Maidstone

Tomorrow –a public vote of no confidence.

Why would the Duffers not do this? Too oldfashioned. Too incompetent. Too secretive. Nothing to say. Nothing to do. Party fanatics relying on the national rosette.

End of the Duffers: a public vote of no confidence after a Lost Decade and Cancer Victim Council.

Time for Change

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ramsgate Town Council crumbles

I’ve had a note that there’s a Ramsgate Town Council this Wednesday that’s the annual meeting for the Mayor announcement – yet the website confirms 9th May as the meeting.

An utter shambles.

More bureaucrats hired – and salaries and pensiosn kept secret and they can't fix the required annual meeting properly.

A meeting supposedly held at the Kings Theatre as the new town hall is too small and attempts to sell off Albion House and the town relics.


And all for the first year of directly-elected mayors.

And of course nothing done. A few Xmas decorations and an event or two.

The same old duffers and Party fanatics standing for both Town and District to crowd out the public and just appointing themselves and saying everything’s wonderful.

What have they been doing in this Lost Decade? They seem to be the problem - riding the decline down with public money.

The Ramsgate Town council website again showing just three sets of meeting minutes in a year and layers of agendas for trifling ceremonial guff.

Similarly at KCC there’s the County Concillors – who are also District and Town – nominating Honorary Aldermen – who seem to be ex-county councillors – and handing out silly badges and certificates on the rates.

Silence on Manston and the missing monitors and fines and costs.

Silence on the Gang of Four corruption and 0% fraud.

Silence on Thor mercury.

Silence on Pleasurama-Bungarama.

Silence on asbestos in schools.

Time for a proper Police investigation unless the coppers are too scared to emerge form behind their pensions and do some investigating on the rates.

Or maybe it’s illegal to arrrest politicians and civil servants and aviation Directors.

Maybe they should be paid off with a bonus on the rates instead?

For an airportt on the water supply.

For 4x EU safe levels of emissions.

For pulic funds for car parks and Parkways when Manston has larger profits than KCC.

For EU-banned aircraft.

Time for Change.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Manston-Infratil: Bring Bogoievski Back

I’ve received a note from the Environment Agency – yet another appalling Government dept – announcing that as a consultee to the 2010/11 consultation on Infratil pollution at Manston, that Infratil have announced they won’t be following/continuing the cleanup (none seem to have been done anyway) as the airport is up for sale.

In effect refusing to follow the pollution regulations, delaying and delaying and now deciding not to bother anyway.

Paint down the drain was the EA's staement on water pollution, remember?

I quite admire Infratil for leading your councillors and your civil servants on for so long and poisoning your children don’t you?

And TDC councillors bumble around wondering if air pollution or an airport on the water supply is a good idea or not.

Why should the Environment Agency care? They’re funded by your tax regardless – unless they’re sacked or jailed.

They certainly don’t soak up the pollution from an unregulated airport.

Why should Infratil care? They’re walking away from Manston as soon as they can.

It’s time for change.

It’s time to Bring Bogoievski Back – the CEO of Infratil in NZ.

A company that in the last financial year was operating $2Bn – about the same size as all of KCC’s tax funds – (why KCC was funding them is a separate matter for the Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild).

And Infratil is busy raising funds for its NZ airports – run by Steve Fitzgerald and Matt Clarke: remember them?

They're a long way away from the pollution now.

The Manston fines haven’t been paid. Nor any fines for pollution or banned EU flights.


Silence from TDC and KCC as they scurry around pretending that they knew nothing of removing monitors – for 6 years. Nothing of emission levels 4x EU safety levels. Nothing of discharges into Pegwell bay. Nothing of offroute flights.

Or certainly no action.

Infratil haven’t pulled out because of regulation by TDC or KCC or the Environment Agency. They’ve pulled out because the scam is up. As with the fake EUJet and KCCUSA projects the pollution cost can’t be covered up any longer.

Buchanan and Pedro in the radar tower can twist in the wind as far as the NZ Directors are concerned when they’re charged by Kent Police (or the Met if KP don’t feel upto crimesolving in Kent) - currently scampering around pretending they can’t arrest civil servants or politicians or aviation businessmen.

And they’ll hope Bogoievski won’t be extradited.

Let them haggle over the fines from a prison cell rather than the Infratil boardroom.

Bring him Back. Voluntarily or extradited in chains.

As Mayor I’ll sign the arrest warrant for Buchanan and Bogoievski and Police investigation into Manston and Thor.

As Mayor I’ll sign the Closure Notice for Manston as a public health danger.

As Mayor I’ll sign the invoice and fines for Manston for Infratil and Environment Agency.

The second five minutes will cancel Ramsgate’s $20M council tax funds for KCC and TDC and demolition of Arlington, reopen Dreamland and create Margate Town Council.

Manston will close. It won’t be sold. And the blame game can begin between the scum and scoundrels involved.

It won’t help your children though if they’re already contaminated will it?

Time For Change: a directly-elected Mayor 9th May

(copy and paste this sign onto an A4 sheet and place in your window and email to friends and add to Facebook etc:)

Time for Change

Garbutt for directly-elected Mayor 9th May

Ramsgate Town Hall: raise your hand for change

Bring Bogoievski Back and a Police inquiry into Manston

Monday, 9 April 2012

Nigel Farage, directly elected mayors and Thor and Infratil

I spoke at the Nigel Farage meeting in Broadstairs last week on Infratil/Manston airport and Thor mercury.

And below a summary of points made to Nigel as MEP for Kent.

1. Manston is on the East Kent drinking water supply – astonishing incompetence and public health danger
2. KCC and TDC public funds for Manston show appalling waste
3. Infratil removing noise and air monitors and faking reports – with KCC and TDC support and knowledge
4. Known gunrunners and banned EU flights into Manston
5. Illegal overflights by Cargolux from Luxembourg/Brussels airport
6. Thor mercury: banned for polluting Margate in 1988 but remains open; subsequently polluting Cato Ridge in South Africa

I’d hope you’d be able to act on these points as MEP:

1. A Police enquiry
2. Extradite the Infratil directors for a corporate manslaughter trial
3. Close Manston and protect the water
4. Close Thor


A fun website for schools for women supported by footballers: 1Goal. In UK women's football is the 3rd largest participant sport - and 69M children not in school worldwide - that doesn't seem such a huge problem to fix - or 8M deaths from infectious diseases


Directly elected mayors info: towns such as London and Liverpool already have them and several more voting on them along with elected Police Commissioners (it seems strange that the NHS and Education have no local democratic oversight).

Thanet had one of TDC’s quickfix random consultations with c.250 people in favour for over a year – and no process put in place.

I think the reality is the TDC senior civil servants haven’t got the foggiest other than knee-jerk reaction to delay, deny and deceive and cling onto their ludicrous bloated Prime Minister salaries and pensions of 90k plus for a bottom 10% council, and the politicians simply want to brush everything under the carper to maintain their positions and ride the decline down.

And together they club together to hide any problems from the public.

And we’re supposed to vote for them.

The worst of all possible worlds: declining turnouts, nonexistent manifestos, hidden public costs and scrutiny, double hatters and co-opted politicians crowding out the public and scrutiny of Treasury funds.

Nothing on FOI of civil service salaries and staffing.

Nothing on Manston and Thor.

We have our politicians and civil servants acting as criminals with Infratil endangering the public – and the Police too scared for their pensions and positions to make the necessary arrests.

A major airport expansion by removing the noise and air monitors and then covering it up for years and then quietly quietly trying to brush the problem away and pretend nothing is wrong.

I’ll announce my candidacy for directly-elected Mayor at the Ramsgate Town Council annual meeting – with calls to boycott TDC council tax and begin the closure of TDC and jail Buchanan and the Infratil Directors and Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild for corporate manslaughter.

With the demolition of Richboro, closure of Manston, demolition of Ramsgate and Margate gasworks and sacking and arrest of the Gang of Four our politicians simply have no policies or public remit after a Lost Decade.

And a year not to prepare a Town Plan. Pointless pensioners and buraeucrats simply soaking up public funds for nothing.

Time for Change: Weds 9th May directly elected Mayor