Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dead Thanet

I don't think you could get a better example of an area collapsing. Nor a clearer case of "death by council".

Highest lung cancer rate.

Most polluted water in South East: EA says it is, Southern Water says it's not. Neither of thenm can confirm the toxin reports at Thor or Infratil. We can guess.

Mercury factory banned in Kent and Africa - but still operating in Margate.

Toxic dust to "strip paint off cars" from the derelict Richboro power station

An early death rate on a par with Iraq or Kazakhstan

Worst adult literacy in Kent

Highest unemployment in Kent and now the highest-ever youth unemployment: only SuperDole jobs

Yet not one councillor opr civil servant or MP has spoken publicly or in council meetings on these points.

Glad to see Government by Government for Government is the Kent way.

Here's some thoughts for improvements.

# suspend cargo flights at Manston to protect the water: there’s only one or two a day. What if there’s a crash now?
# instigate a KCC audit of TDC to tighten up procedures
# axe ChinaGate, KCC Business Park and Pleasurama: plenty of empty SEEDA warehouses around the towns
# publish all KCC and TDC info: payroll etc etc
# A Cabinet Member for Coastal Kent/Deprivation
# KCC and EA teams based in Ramsgate at the Town Hall


# Begin New Pleasurama and New Dreamland
# Improving the airport boundary road as Infratil leave
# Clean-up at Thor, Richboro and Infratil
# Emergency "special measures" for TDC

As MP I will instigate all the above and provide the "Laptop for every Thanet Schoolkid" programme: the government already provides vouchers for schools and disadvantaged areas for computers.

But none in place for the few thousand Thanet school children and a couple for hundred quid for computers.

And £110M spent at KCC on bank charges processing: more than the entire Highways budget.

Tony Benn's lad is down to Thanet to help filter the water but not to help grow the kids of Thanet.

No growth industries such as a "2nd Pfizer at Richboro" as part of the "Farmer and Pharma" regeneration strategy.

A cancer job is all Future Thanet is offered.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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