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Margate: fuelled by Infratil

And the people of Ramsgate, Herne Bay, Broadstairs, Deal, Canterbury, Wye, Dover, several villages and the water supply from each flight by Infratil at Manston.

A report on the effects of aviation fuel - especially at low level - on the population: worth remembering that Thanet has a - specialist - cancer hospital and an 11 year early death rate.

You die at 69 in Thanet but 80 in the rest of Kent:

The American Cancer Society predicts that in the US, one out of every two men
and one out of every three women will eventually be diagnosed with cancer. In July, the
New England Journal of Medicine reported that environmental factors - mainly radiation
and chemical pollution - are roughly twice as likely as genetic factors to contribute to
cancer cases.

Aviation is responsible for emissions of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur
dioxide, naphthalene, benzene (a known carcinogen), formaldehyde (a suspected
carcinogen), and dust particles that harm human health and contribute to global warming.

The poison circle from a single runway can extend six miles from its hub and run
20 miles downwind. The cancer rate for people living on the perimeter of Chicago's
O'Hare airport is 70 percent higher than the rate for the average Chicagoan, according to

A University of Illinois School of Public Medicine study estimates that pollution
from O'Hare's seven runways could be affecting the health of five million individuals.
Dioxins from spilled jet fuel, di-ethelyne glycol from de-icing fluids, leaked
engine oil and dissolved jet exhaust particulates commonly flood the tarmac and seep into
the ground, streams, and creeks bordering O'Hare.

The run-off ultimately flows into the Des Planes River, endangering the health of downstream communities.

A 1993 EPA health risk assessment concluded that aircraft engines are
responsible for approximately 10.5 percent of the cancer cases within a 16-square-mile
area surrounding Chicago's Midway airport.

The National Resources Defense Council
warns that "the same conclusion might apply to people living immediately adjacent to
airports all over the country."

The Santa Monica Airport is the oldest community airport in Los Angeles County
and the busiest single-runway airport in the nation.

In August 1995, the Los Angeles
Unified School District asked the FAA to determine the airport's health impacts on the
students and staff of nearby schools. The study determined that hydrocarbons and carbon
dioxide far exceeded the National Ambient Air Quality Standard, and that maximum
cancer risks were 23 times greater than the Federal Clean Air Act's "acceptable risk
criterion" of one-in-a million.

"Environmental Bombs"

Jet planes pollute much more on the ground than in the air. Up to 90 percent of
aircraft hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions occur when planes idle and taxi.

There is no information as yet on Thor mercury as the Environment Agency haven't released the details of what is stored there. The pollution to the water table has spread beyond the factory site though.

As you'd expect without any clean-up.

Thor was banned from Margate after poisoning several workers and the water table in 1988. It was then banned from Africa after doing the same there. Only the Margate factory never closed until 2008 after another chemical fire.

No Parish, Town, District or County Council has any meetings on record to review the pollution levels and speed up the clean-up.

Clearly Infratil and Thor contributes little to the area and every flight and the existing pollution, permits to pollute, discharge consents and failed clean-up can only make things worse.

Feel free to contact your councillors, MP, the Environment Agency: the 3rd Ramsgate Town Council meeting on 7th September will be reviewing all the pollution reports from Infratil, Thor, Richboro, the Environemnt Agency, TDC, KCC and the TDC contaminated land register.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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