Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happy Birthday Infratil. Goodbye.

Infratil limps along into infamy.

Next week marks 4 years since they took over Manston.

4 years prior to that Planestation/Wiggins took over Manston and collapsed in a multi-million accounting fraud. Stranding 30,000 Kent citizens abroad.

EUJet lasted for 4 months before collapsing (actually about 6 weeks before being quickly taken over by Planestation) - the CEO now operates a similar flight service form the Isle of Man tax haven. After suggestions at the time that both Eire where they operated form, Kent and now the Isle of Man are somehow beyond the jurisdiction of ther EU.

The chap was hyped by TDC and KCC as the former Chief Executive of Ryanair - and indeed he was. When Ryanair went bust - and had to be sorted out by Michael O'Leary the successful CEO of Ryanair.

And Infratil.

No passenger flights. Every passenger service from Manston has collapsed. Only the RAF-subsidised flights lasted for any period of time in the 1960's and 1970's.

Stops the public complaining about the noise and pollution from an RAF base.

KCC's US flights never even got out of the hangar: 90% of tickets not sold.

A SEEDA car park empty and over the drinking water supply.

And now just cargo flights. From Ostend cargo airport just over the Channel.

Emergency council sessions to hustle through night flights without consultation.

And a runway at Manston built on the drinking water supply.

Noise and air monitors removedby the Infratil Board and TDC.

6 dumped jumbo jets: impossible for Infratil or KCC or the EA or TDC to remove these.

Empty cargo sheds: any freight offloaded onto trucks and taken upto Heathrow.

Broken radar. Impossible to repair. Except on the cheap.

The highest lung cancer rate in Kent.

The highest early death rate in Kent - by 11 years.

11 years.

Third World death rates.

In Kent.

Happy Birthday Infratil.


You will be tidying up the airport and water supply before you leave?


Oh well, less council tax to spend on hospital services, schools....

What have our councillors, civil servants and MP's been doing?

And still the planes overfly the towns polluting the people.

And our politicians and civil servants are frozen in the headlights.

And Infratil - like Thor - leave the gift of pollution that keeps giving - genetic birth defects, ashtma, lung cancer.

As MP I will:

# close any remnants of Manston still operating
# axe ChinaGate
# remove the cargo sheds, passenger portakabin, Jet summit building and runway
# Manston will be a designated High Priority Water Protection Zone
# the road into Ramsgate will be widened and improved for road safety
# drainage into the sea prevented
# all new or existing petrol stations and fuel depots will need a Water Protection Zone Order approved by all councillors and MP's with weekly audits of pollution
# all noise, air and water reports will be published weekly - to exceed Blue Flag and WPZ requirements
# establish the Infratil Fund for victims of Infratil and Thor
# provide legislation for local tax on airports for aviation fuel subsidies and the Infratil Fund
# school curriculum lessons on water protection and lung cancer
# ban all tobacco in Thanet's 6 main supermarkets as a High Cancer Zone

All Thanet needs now is the derleict power station to collapse into the sea and the destruction of the area is complete.

Or one of Infratil's well-regulated cargo flights to miss the broken radar.

What will our councilors and civil servants and MP's say then?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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