Thursday, 20 August 2009

Night night Infratil and TDC

How silly.

Trying to extend the night flight times by 90 minutes.

And also trying to introduce the possibility of scheduled night flights and waiving any night flight fines.

The current 106 is clear: no night flights between 11pm and 7am – the option to allow for KCC’s USA flights from 6am was dropped.

The 106 also states that fines are incurred for noise.

If the option for £4M of fines for the public’s Community Fund has been waived then who has done that? We need to invoice TDC and Infratil the missing funds.

Will the CAA draft the invoice?

Which council meeting waived these funds? Which Cabinet meeting? Which Airport Committee meeting? Where are the minutes and costings?

The 106 also restricts the Loop training flights – but Infratil have waived that restriction themselves. Who at TDC allowed that? Which Council meeting? Which Cabinet meeting? Which Airpot Committee?

The 106 requires noise and air monitoring – but TDC and Infratil removed the noise and air monitors?

From 2006.

So why hasn’t the Council raised this? Cabinet? The Airport Committee?

As we’ve seen with TC it’s simply a cosy little arrangement to allow airport expansion based on Infratil’s figures – without the required public safety prociedures in place?

Are Infratil as lax with their own staff safety?

Nobody wants a cancer job.

2 month’s worth of noise reports from Infratil’s own monitors out of 48 months.

What safety measures are in place?

Why have the air and noise monitors not been replaced?

Will Messrs Gale and Sandys and Ladyman join me in requesting the noise and air reports from 2006?

They know they’ve been removed.


They knew at the time.


The councilors knoew.


The civil servants knew.


Where are the fines for the breaches of the 106: late flights, loop training flights?

I’ve only seen £1,000 fines not £4M fines.

Why is the radar repeatedly broken?

We seem to have an aerodrome for light aircraft being used to land Jumbo Jets – with the radar or binoculars upgraded some time never.

What is the cost of this consultation: public funds, public officials time?

An estimated allowance for public time on top of council tax costs would be useful for future fake and frequent consultations?

The council seem to spend more time on Infratil than the public.

Will Matt Clarke release the control tower flights logs?

Under EIR (the fuller version of FOI) airports are classed as eligible as a highly polluting infrastructure.

Will the noise consultation include air monitoring?

Seems silly not to include air pollution from Jumbo Jet exhausts.

Will it include the pollution reports from the Environment Agency on the water supply polluted by Infratil?

Will the coroners reports on the highest lung cancer rate in Kent be included?

Will the early mortality rate for Thanet be included?


It’s clear.

Our councillors and MP’s have through ignorance, incompetence and deliberate deceit allowed the expansion of Manston through breaches of all the safety standards.

Perhaps the best use of public and council time would be requesting a vote of no confidence in the Gang of Four.

Certainly pensions and payoffs should be withheld as they move on to other jobs.

Perhaps they’ll consider themselves lucky not to be jailed.

The only question now would be: if there’s a crash on the runway and water supply or over the towns – who would be responsible?

Matt Clarke?

Brian White?

Richard Samuel?

Sandy Ezekiel?

Roger Latchford?

That would be a consultation and public inquiry worth attending.

If you could.

Ramsgate Town Council 7th September: update on noise and air pollution, Thor pollution, Sericol pollution, highest lung cancer rate in Kent, early death rate.

And a public vote of no confidence in the Gang of Four.

I'll froward a draft resolution for the agenda to Mayor Dave.

Time for them to go.

They’ve failed.

Huge failure.

No pensions. No payoffs. No public sector jobs.

The personnel file stamped “removed airport monitors”.

No monitors. No data. No problem.

Consider themselves lucky not to be jailed.

Consider themselves lucky only a few people will have gained lung cancer.

A 1970’s council playing at international airports.

How silly.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Change for Kent. Change for Thanet.

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