Friday, 21 August 2009

Infratil and the missing £4M fines and lung cancer

The current 106 is clear: no night flights between 11pm and 7am – the option to allow for KCC’s USA flights from 6am was dropped after KCC stopped supporting the airport.

The 106 also states that fines are incurred for noise. And other breaches of the 106: overflights, training flights etc.

Infratil even changed the training flights guidelines themselves.

Infratil confirm with TDC that these could incur upto £4M per year.

Givne Infratil and TDC removed the nosie and air monitors then all flights are in breach of the 106.

Which of the Gang of Four approved that?

From 2006.

If the option for £4M of fines for the public’s Community Fund has been waived then who has done that?

Which council meeting? Which Cabinet meeting? Which Airport Committee meeting? Where are the minutes and costings?

Sounds to me as if Infratil and young Matt are talking up reasons for their failure at Manston.

The lad's achieved nothing at Manston: simply every breach of safety possible: with an EU investigation into Infratil he might need to come up with better excuses to remain in the aviation industry. Or it's back to Rotorua.

Because with the proper safety procedures in place the overflights wouldn't continue: Infratil staff wear ear protectors and face masks for avaition pollution, and less than a mile away the public would need to do the same.

Hence the Dept of Transport in 1993 refusing to approve Manston for expansion: too noisy, too polluting, too near the towns, too near Heathrow, too far from anywhere.

Unless you hustle through 24/7 night flights and ignore hte health and safety problesm.

Hence our failed councillors failed attempts at regeration.

And the highest lung cancer rate in Kent.

Who at TDC has raised that? Which Council meeting? Which Cabinet meeting? Which Airport Committee?

The 106 requires noise and air monitoring – but TDC and Infratil removed the noise and air monitors?

From 2006.

So why hasn’t the Council raised this? Cabinet? The Airport Committee?

Now TDC refer to a figure of 1,700 early deaths per year. Perhaps higher if you die at 81 in Kent but 69 in Thanet that's a 14% death rate. Higher for those over 45.

Cancer and Cancer Jobs and Early Death for Thanet is all the regeneration our failed council can offer.

Trading the public's safeguards for their own careers.

Why have the air and noise monitors not been replaced?

In 3 years.

Will Messrs Gale and Sandys and Ladyman join me in requesting the noise and air reports from 2006?

They know they’ve been removed.

From a tower block.

From a school.


Ask them. Ask Brian White. Ask Richard Samuel.

Ask one of your 56 councillors when they knew. When was it discussed by Cabinet or Council?

Tasked with improving the area. They walk among us.

And lie and deceive to endanger the public they serve.

11 years early death rate.

As MP I will:

# close Manston and clean the site to protect the water
# insitgate "recall" of councillors and civil servants
# instigate the "Infratil Bill" for removal of pensions , payoffs and public sector jobs for failure to protect the public
# Police verification of all airport noise and air monitors by the CAA and local authorities
# publish all coroners reports, council payroll, quango payroll

Change for Kent. Change for Thanet.

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