Monday, 24 August 2009

Manston: Police investigation

Last time I looked Thanet’s and Kent Police (and Sussex and the Met) were paid from public funds.

From, memory I thin it’s about 5% of council tax. Plus national tax.

One of the strengths of the British Police is that they’re not a State force but of the people and for the people.

We seem to have a culture of ”public sector partnerships” though. I don’t recall the council or fire brigade or anyone else having a partnership with the police.
Only the public have a partnership with the police.

And the Police serve the public.

Uphold law and order. Without fear or favour.

If someone’s stolen noise monitors or stolen or misused public funds or any other public sector crime then the Police should investigate.

MP’s go to jail. Councillors go to jail. Civil servants go to jail.

Councils approve public expenditure from Cabinet policies. And Committee polices and scrutiny oversight.

Against manifestos. Against policies. Against the law. And ultimately public approval.

0% salary increases that are actually 30% are deliberate fraud. Of public funds. And public scrutiny.

Removing noise and air monitors and pretending the results are available is fraud and possible manslaughter.

“Asset Lists” that remove or sideline assets is fraud.

Our civil servants need dragging out into the light where they are available for pubic scrutiny by councillors and the public.

Service standards on delivery need implementing.
Clearer manifestos and 4 year plans.

All funds disclosed.

Webcasts and minutes of all meetings.

We have cod-investigations by the Local Government Ombudsman usually retired civil servants of councils.

Or cod-investigations by the CAA: civil servant from other departments.

Or cod-investigations by the Audit Commission who invoice the council itself.

All funds must be transparent and disclosed each month automatically under FOI and EIR.

Even Paul Carter of KCC has publicly stated all local government costs should be published.


Pleasurama contracts.

ChinaGate expenses.

EKO expenses.



Shares and investments.

Maybe we need less Party machine councillors on the Kent Police authority and more members of the public. In effect “a jury of the Police”.

The 1970’s corruption of the Police was changed.

The Police are not above scrutiny.

They certainly do not partner with the public sector. They police the public sector. On behalf of the public.

Their only remit is to partner with the public they serve.

They certainly do not turn a blind eye to one of Britain’s most corrupt and incompetent councils.

Or indulge in petty wordplay and innocence by memo.

It seems our councillors and civil servants are the last to change.

Who authorised the removal of the noise monitors?

When did our councillors and civil servants know about it?

What did they do?

Why were replacements not in place?

Are the salary increases 0% or are they not?

What pollution has been allowed at Infratil and Thor?

What clean-up has been done?

When will it be completed?

We seem to have grave incompetence endangering the public - beyond the scrutiny of Council or Public.

Then the Police must become involved in the Thanet rats-nest.

Change for Kent. Change for Thanet.

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