Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pleasurama: British Virgin Islands and now Geneva!

What have the Gang of Four been up to?

Not happy with the Pleasurama SFP Ventures being a British Virgin Island tax haven company it then quickly became a UK company.

And now the Director's information have been released.

But one of them's registered at a Swiss Bank.

"SFP is a commercial entity unrelated to the Council, however, in the course of doing business with this organisation the Council has obtained this information, and I therefore see no reason that this information can not be shared with you. Brian White informs me that the Directors of SFP are as follows:-

1. Miss Jennifer Wood, The Coach House, Churchfield Road, Stutton, Ipswich, IP9 2SD

2. Mr. Shaun Patrick Keegan, c/o SBP Banque, 3 Rue Fredg Maurice, CH1211, Geneva, Switzerland.

3. Mr. Robert John Murrill, 10 Clarendon Road, Pitsea, Essex, SS13 2BL."

What next for Messrs White and Samuel?

Registering the council with the Bank of Nigeria?

What a mess.

They simply don't know how to do it do they?

Take public money. Use it well. And regenerate the area.

All these flaky schemes. Vague bonds for mystery Directors for incompetent plans

Towns falling down. And burning down.

EUJet registered offshore.

Removing the noise and air monitors so the air and noise data isn't revealed.

Thor mercury and the missing toxin reports and contaminated land register

Trips to China funded with the CGP developer of ChinaGate.

Now the shennanigans over Pleasurama: mystery Directors, tax haven companies and now a Swiss Bank.

And they think this is good governance?

Idiots the lot of them. Mere career-jockeying, secrecy, deceit and incompetence.

Get rid of Brian White, councillors.

Get rid of Richard Samuel.

Ditch Latchford and Ezekiel.

They're a busted flush.

The phrase they'll respond to councillors, is: "We'd like to have a vote of confidence in the Chief Executive and Directors and review the payroll and termination arrangements."

They might well find themselves in the "Fred the Shred" position of no payoff, no pension and no more public sector jobs.

Didn't this kind of public deceit and corruption go out of fashion in the 1970's?

Didn't it go out of fashion in Kent with "Save-Wye"?

Apparently not because we then have EKO set up to develop ChinaGate.

Directors? TDC and KCC politicians and civil servants.

East Kent Opportunities is a Limited Liability Partnership of Kent County Council and Thanet District Council. There are six Directors in total - three from Kent County Council (Mr K Lynes, Mrs T Bruton, Mr M Austerberry) and three from Thanet District Council (Mrs S McGonigal, Mr R Latchford, Mr J Bunnett).

Why they're setting up a pseudo-company with extra costs and staff for what the council is meant to be doing anyway is absurd.

Empty costs upon empty costs. Pseudo-distancing from the councils. All with public funds and time.

What have our sheep-councillors and sheep-MP's been doing?

Don't they even review the TDC payroll in council meetings? Not once?

Don't they have details of the Directors?

No contaminated land register?

Don't they ask where the noise and air monitors are?

Of course not.

The civil servants are running rings round them. And the councillors think it's easier to cover the mess up.

Where are Messrs Gale and Ladyman in all this?

No Parliamentary scutiny of one of Britain's worst councils? Lung cancer off the scale? An early death rate like the Third World?

Hanging on a few more months to collect their pensions and Parliament pay-off? Fine. Good luck to them.

But where are their policies for the next 8 months? Lung cancer. Manston. Dreamland.

Where are the regeneration programmes? 2,000 lost jobs in Thanet and 20,000 over the next decade.

Nobody at KCC, TDC or SEEDA seems to have twigged that the Turner will be built before any other regeneration work is even begun. Visitors for an art gallery in the midst of decay?

Is that sensible regeneration?

As MP I will:

# cancel ChinaGate
# cancel Old Pleasurama
# publish monthly all MP, councillor and civil servants costs and payroll
# slash bumf: one page memos for 90% of council business
# slash council grease from employment contracts: no public sector pensions, no free parking, no company cars, no extra holiday or costs
# publish all contracts for major Planning applications
# confirm no "commercial confidentiality" exclusions nor any FOI or EIR exemptions sought: Paul Carter of KCC confirms all local government information should be public yet not in Thanet it seems
# close Manston and protect the water with a Priority Water Protection Zone
# instigate "public recall" as in USA of underperforming councillors, civil servants and MP's with 25% of the electorate
# "Special measures" for TDC: the KCC £110M of bank charges, District apportionment by head and need, council tax rebates and refunds for diastrous governance
# Fast-forward Dreamland and demolish TDC's offices down to Arlington with Margate Town Council

Let's hope Infratril don't crash before then or we'll be regenerating most of Ramsgate or Herne Bay. And drinking from a puddle.

What dismal failure. For years. And still it continues.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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