Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Gang of Four and Thanet's death rate

Trying to develop an airport by fudging or removing all the safety measures.

Why would you do that?

I can understand Infratil doing it: careers to be made, profits, promotion.

I can possibly understand a civil servant doing that: careers to be made etc.

But why would local councillors and civil servants want to do that?

Jobs for the area?

OK. I can understand that.

But pollution jobs?

Bit of political or civil service brown-nosing for County.

I can understand that.

But here’s what I don’t understand.

You wouldn’t remove the noise and air monitors would you?

And then if you did, you wouldn’t refuse to put them back would you?

That would be: no monitors, no data, no problem as the death rate spirals.

That’s what noise and air monitors are for aren’t they? To flag up any dangerous pollution levels?

At an airport.

They’re not optional are they?

And then to cap it you wouldn’t try to expand the airport again would you?

Still without noise and air monitoring.

That would be deliberately and knowingly polluting your friends, family and neighbours.

Which idiots would do that? Or which criminals?

To deliberately avoid having full noise and air monitoring at an airport slated for expansion. To actually remove the monitors. And then refuse to provide them. Again and again.

Deliberately and repeatedly polluting and killing their own citizens.

Why would Richard Samuel and Brian White do that?

Why would Roger Latchford and Sandy Ezekiel allow it to continue?

Why have Messrs Carter and Gilroy and King allowed it to continue.

Yet won't appear at public meetings to justify their policy.

Heads down. Hope the aviaton fuel discharge blows over?

Why would all the councillors not raise it at council meetings?

Why would the MP’s not mention it at all?

Like an asbestos factory for jobs, an airport with full noise and air monitoring means you can’t expand - because the death and illness rate would be too high.

Hence the highest lung cancer rate in Kent.

An early death rate 11 years younger than the rest of Kent: a massive statistical skew.

You die at 69 years old in Thanet. But at 81 years old in the rest of Kent.

Why is that? Smoking and fatty foods would all contribute but not that much.
Why else would you de 11 years younger in Thanet?

Low-level jumbo jets shedding aviation fuel onto the population?

The most polluted water in South East England with Infratil draining aviation fuel and chemicals directly into the Bay?

The Stour and Pegwell Bay one of the top 3 polluted rivers in Britain?

Derelict Richboro coal power station with its ash residue still present?

Thor mercury a mercury factory closed in 1988 but not closed and not cleaned up – with the water pollution spreading beyond the factory site?

I suppose the dead of Thanet serve a purpose in reminding us of the incompetence and deceit of our civil servants and politicians.

Hope it’s not your family that’s affected by the noise, the water pollution or the air pollution.

In a 20 mile square radius I can’t see how they wouldn’t be affected though.

But why won’t our officials and councillors and MP’s speak up on these matters?

And why the delay in closing the airport?

It’s not going to expand. 79 jobs aren’t worth 130,000 lives.

Why the delay?

Failed. Failed. Failed.
Time for Change.

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