Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ramsgate Town Council meeting tomorrow (Monday). Cancer optional.

At last the minutes and webpage is available from Ramsgate Town Council today - the old “get the info out the day before the meeting tomorrow” trick it seems, partial/fudged minutes etc etc – and it seems impossible for the public to add items to the agenda such as Pleasurama, Thor, Richboro, Infratil etc.

Anyone going to RTC’s 4th meeting tomorrow (7pm at Albion House, Ramsgate's Town Hall) may want to ask questions on Thor, Richboro, Infratil, Pegwell, lung cancer, early death rate, derelict buildings, £60M tax-take and £22M salaries at TDC rather than some of the ceremonial aspects.

Whoops – a couple of points of correction on the latest minutes:

# no mention of Thor mercury
# the jet dumping ground is a fact not potential: 6 dumped jumbo jets and a 7th removed at Xmas after being dumped for 10 years
# Noise monitoring inefficient – as it was removed, and still no air monitors nor mobile monitors
# no mention of TDC/RTC payroll/costs for review
# all RTC info is open to public and no exemptions would be valid. Paul Carter recently described how all local government information should be open.

Let’s hope these can be corrected for tomorrow and Infratil, Thor and Richboro added to the agenda for ongoing review.

Soem silly comments previously on the public "buying" Albion House when we already own it through TDC and public funds. Why would the public pay for it twice - and why isn't Albion Hosuwe open to the public every day as Ramsgate's only public space?

The Tourst Centree seems to havd suffered the "Margate Twesait" with Margate's tourism cnetre open every day but Broadstairs and Ramsgate on half-days for "saavings". Looks liek the town busdget sbeign shifted aroufd the towns. Don't we pay £60M council tax and £22M TDC salaries for all the 3 towns? Where is Ramsgate's £20M?

Here’s the new Ramsgate Town Council website which seems good enough with details of agendas, meetings, minutes etc.

url is

Although the agenda for tomorrow (Monday) gives out at the info from the Eastcliff Residents on flight routes by Infratil etc.

While the “debates” continue” although the politicians and civil servants seem to have no answers on noise and air and water pollution by the Gang of Four agreeing with Infratil to remove monitors and keep quiet on safety breaches – then the flights continue, which increases the air and noise and water pollution.

The pollution problems and council crimes at Guerra in Italy and Corby Council last month would be relevant here for such cover-ups.

With many of the Town Councillors also TDC Councillors and previously Charter Trustees then we seem to be having a lot of meetings, fairly short and innocuous agendas and extra costs for committees. They know how to organise and run a council surely? Although TDSC isn’t the best example given it’s rating as one of Britain’s worst councils – hence the public’s formation of RTC.

Let’s hope that RTC really picks up the pace for November’s meeting as they seem not to have a meeting in December or August – maybe there’s nothing to do for the town.

Where are the regular Police reports? NHS? Education? Ambulance? Fire? Coastguard? MP's? Environment Agency? TDC? Aren't the public entitled to have a monhtly report from our officials on how they're safeguarding us and improving the area?

Certainly webcasts could be in place and toxin reports from Thor, Richboro etc.
I’m also a little concerned over what seems an extra fence for the Pleasurama site restricting the promenade – and still no details of whether the SwissBank/Caribbeantaxhaven company are just a front organisation (why are they paying Cardy the builders and not TDC?) and if the building is built above the clifftop.

Murky goings-on at TDC that RTC shouldn’t be replicating.

After all, some councillors and civil servants are foolish enough to think that airport pollution form aircraft doesn’t drift over the whole Isle and that water pollution doesn’t drift through chalk into the water supply or sea pollution doesn’t drift round all the Isle.

What is the 1,750 deaths figure from TDC released last month? All deaths in the Isle? Early deaths? Based on what sources?

What have our councillors and civil servants been doing?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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