Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thanet coastguard

I hope the Ramsgate ferry happens: congratulations to anyone of any party that makes it happen. 20 years and counting. This year and counting.

Certainly a far better idea than the silly “new town centre” of a shopping centre with in-fill houses on farmland near-the-town-centres at Westwood.

Thanet’s looking more like a polluted, derelict and burned down version of Milton Keynes every day.

If the ferry doesn’t happen before the election then I will help drive it through from Parliament - and in the meantime instigate a minibus/passenger service that drives onto the existing TEF ferry.

I’d also throw out any silly road closure filming bills from County hall: isn’t the County meant to open and close County roads and if they’re not then who is responsible for existing closures of the County’s roads for festivals etc with KCC’s £2bn budget (and a £100M Highways budget) and no meetings in September because they had nothing to do after the councillors awarded themselves a pay rise the previous month

With Pegwell Bay the most polluted river in Britain apart from the Thames and the Medway, I hope Thanet Coastguard are paying close attention to the Port as well as the cargo ships and tankers moored a few hundred metres from their offices.

There seems to be an average of about a dozen ships, all of which should be moored in their destination port and pose a risk of waste/fuel tanks being flushed out and waste disposed overboard.

Into the sea. And onto the beaches and bays.

So everyone can swim in it and paddle in it.

While TDC and the EA monitor-it-by-not-monitoring-it.

The EA do seem to do water sampling around the beaches although the full toxin results seem difficult to get hold of.

Still no news on the Thor mercury site next to Hornby and BandQ toxin reports (obviously nothing has been done since it closed-but-not-closed in 1988 and the councillor for the Nash Road estate where the pollutes water runs downhill and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up in the Tivoli Brook.

With Thanet built on chalk, as you’d expect water drains into the sea and through the various fissures.

Still no news if Pleasurama is built above the clifftop – so that means it is. Nor how Cardy are developing the site through the SwissBank/Caribbeantaxhaven “SFP – Site of Former Pleasurama Ventures” Why aren’t TDC doing it with Cardy – isn’t that why we pay £60M in council tax in Thanet: £40M for KCC and £22M for TDC’s payroll plus extra mini-quangos like EKO: KCC and TDC councillors and officials in a mysterious “joint venture company”.

Doesn’t seem as if Thanet’s coast – or the public - is very well guarded at all.
Or if anything has been spent on or in the towns beyond funding civil servants - the Tory Party conference has called for all council and quango payroll to be open (FOI and EIR access laws allow that already) - but where is TDC's? MP's and councillors publish their costs but not civil servants?

What has been going on?

If you’d forgotten here’s the night flights petition for another ridiculous consultation like the fake Xmas 2005 consultation, the ChinaGate consultation and Ramsgate Labour’s would-you-like-an-airport-but-don’t-mention-cancer-around-airports consultation - and feel free in the space provided to ask for the air and noise monitor reports since they were removed in 2006.

Looks like our councillors and officials are actively working against the public rather than for them and with them.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

Tim a lot of stuff there and its good you are going to tackle them I am sure you will go far. XXX Don