Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Richard Samuel of TDC speaks on Manston


This is a TDC and Manston public announcement.

As Chief Executive of Thanet Council I understand there are public concerns over TDC’s role in developing the airport and I wanted to use this opportunity to put one or two matters straight.

It ain’t me. I had nuffink to do wiv it.

I saw some papers but I don’t remember. It was Brian White wot done it.

He can change his job title and department name and everyfing . But he done it.

He removed them noise and air monitors. It ain’t me.

Not never.

I am sure.

Not when I was Chair of KIACC. And not as CEO of TDC.

I ain’t done it. Since 2006. I ain’t done nuffink.

It was Brian.

He never told me or nuffink.

It was Brian.

And even if I did I don’t remember nuffink.

Besides Ladyman and Gale never said nuffink neither. And they knew too.

Although I knew nuffink.

And if people are dead well that’s their problem. I sign the papers and read the memos. And that means it ain’t nuffink to do with me.

And besides since when did airports have to have noise and air monitoring?

Brian. He did it.

All the councillors will agree too. It ain’t me. It’s Brian. Maybe the councillors too. But don’t tell them I said it.

They sign off my pension and everything.

I’ve written a memo saying nuffink so that should be the end of it. Because I’ve done nuffink wrong. And if I did it’s Brian’s fault.

I get to keep my salary and pension and payoff and 0% payrise don’t I? Seems silly not to because only a few people are dead. If any at all really.

Because I know nuffink and I’m saying nuffink.

And I don’t know nuffink about Thor or Richboro or Pegwell Bay pollution neither. Brian White did it all by himself.

Me and Sandy and Roger never said nuffink never. And we're sticking to it.

This concludes the Manston and TDC public service announcement.

Could residents and TDC officials with lung cancer form a queue over here.

Thank you.

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