Thursday, 1 October 2009

A polluted Thanet Council. A polluted river and sea.

A report in Thanet Extra (page 2) on the “Thanet cesspit” that is the pollution in Pegwell bay one of the worst 2% of polluted rivers in UK.

The report correctly highlights the much tougher punishments elsewhere in Europe for deliberate pollution.

Geoff Wild the KCC legal and flytipping expert has repeatedly refused to remove the dumped jumbo jets at Manston: ask him yourself:

Brian White and Richard Samuel for years have refused to provide noise and air monitors that would record the aviation fuel onto the sea: ask them yourself and

They are available for question son 13th October at the Pavillion Broadstairs to discuss 7,500 extra housebuilding in Thanet.

While Infratil and Matt Clarke continue to dump aviation fuel into the outflow system that feeds into the Kent Highways road drainage and dumps straight into Pegwell Bay. Approved by Brian White.

And the Environment Agency simply records that fact: ask them yourself:

While Thor mercury has no decontamination whatsoever – and both Steve Ladyman and Roger Gale previously in Thanet Extra described the airport and Thor mercury as "no danger" and "well-run" facilities.

The fact of the matter is our councillors and civil servants have deliberately connived to remove all safety measures at Manston to allow its expansion and deliberately endangered the public.

Only with public protests over night flights have they suddenly back-tracked and tried to cover their traces.

Thanet is polluted because of our civil servants and councillors not despite them.

The cosy club of pensioner politicians is too idle or too stupid to evaluate the council properly.

Richard Samuel and Brian White should be jailed. And Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford should resign.

4th Ramsgate Town Council meeting 5th October: where are the toxin reports on Pegwell and Thor and Richboro? Where is the TDC payroll? Where are the EKO quango ChinaGate costs?

With Thanet as the worst district for lung cancer and an 11 year early death rate the failures of our councillors and civil servants and MP’s have literally been killing the public.

The time is coming to clear out under-performing councillors and civil servants.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

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