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Manston air pollution danger

To put the danger in the reduction of air monitoring at Manston here’s a link to a diffusion tube:


As you can see they are literally a 7cm test tube that’s exposed for a month to record any air pollution. As they’re the simplest – and cheapest – way to sample air pollution they’re usually used in large quantities and mainly for roadside fumes and pollution at a busy crossroads or junction.

Manston has 3 of these. 2 in Manston village and 1 in Minster.

You wouldn’t use just 3 diffuser tubes or sites would you? And all aligned in parallel with the runway rather than under each end where the planes land?

The more detailed air monitor in Kentmere Avenue, Ramsgate - directly at the end of the runway, the end where planes aren’t supposed to land anyway in the 106 - was turned off 2 months ago and TDC state that “even with increased traffic (at the airport) it will not be reactivated”. And notes that even their pre-August monitoring was subject to various failures of data capture and reporting – presumably the monitor was broken and never repaired, like the radar, for years - and part of Infratril’s massive alleged investment programme.

As you also know, the noise monitors were removed from Clarendon School and a Tower Block in Ramsgate (both in the centre of town where the population is) from 2006 with TDC’s help.

Richard Samuel and Brian White were both on the KIACC committee at the time. No noise and air monitoring results were produced until late 2008.

The noise monitors have never been replaced in 3 years and the air monitoring has been faulty and now almost removed.

Now why would there be only 3 of the most basic air samplers, no noise monitors despite repeated requests, no mobile monitor and the one more advanced air monitor switched off?

Why would a council and airport do that? Monitors are not expensive: a few hundred pounds ort a few thousand pounds each. Diffusion tubes cost pennies.

Ramsgate and Broadstairs and Margate could be peppered with air and noise monitors.

But the reason is obvious isn’t it?

No monitors means no data means no problem in terms of expanding the airport.

The Kentmere Avenue monitor for example was switched off in August just at the time of the night flight announcements.

With monitors it means the noise and air pollution would be accurately recorded.

You don’t need to be an aviation expert to recognise that flying 747’s at nearly roof top height over the local population – often in breach of the no overflights and training flights aspect of the 106 – would increase health impacts.
That’s cancer. Asthma. Genetic birth defects.

So we have a council and airport not just wanting to expand an airport – that’s a matter for discussion as to how robust their plans are – but doing so by deliberately removing and avoiding recording the effects of noise and air pollution and the resulting effect of cancer, asthma, genetic birth defects.

Which of course are far higher around an airport than at almost any other infrastructure.

Which councillors would knowingly and deliberately and repeatedly downgraded noise and air monitors and requests for improvement over periods of years?

Roger Latchford made the case for airport expansion on KIACC. He can’t be unaware of the problems around noise and air monitors.
Brian White actually removed them.
Richard Samuel was Chair of KIACC at the time.

None of them can claim they didn’t know.

Nor any of the councillors. A grubby little secret to be shared between the councillors and civil servants and Infratil to expand the airport in breach of all the safety requirements.

For years.

Just like Thor used to do. And still does.

None of them can claim not to be aware of the danger to public safety of removing monitors from an airport slated for expansion.

What were the thinking? Forget the public? Or the public’ll never know?

Even Steve Ladyman has received letters from me pointing out these problems and has ignored them.

We seem to have councillors and civil servants so keen to expand what is a failed airport even by Matt Clarke’ s admission that they’re willing to deliberately endanger the public they represent.
That’s you, your families and friends.

Aviation fuel doesn’t fall like stair rods from a 747 it spreads like a blanket of smog in a radius of 20 miles or more.

Across virtually all of East Kent.

And the noise and air monitors removed.

They’re so foolish they’re even poisoning their own families.

For what?
A little bit of council glory?

A pat on the back from County Hall?
Some promised cancer jobs?

A sudden turnaround of success at Manston after the failures of Planestation, EUJet, KCC-USA, BAWC and now night flights again?

And an airport due for expansion – despite it being built on the water supply:


What have they been doing?

Resign Roger.

Resign Sandy

Resign Richard.

Resign Brian.


As MP I will ensure there is a Parliamentary inquiry into the goings-on of Manston and the Gang of Four. Recorded statements, witnesses, legally binding documentation.

No votes or council tax increases in poisoning your own citizens.

Nor public sector payoffs or pensions or jobs.

And where is Ladyman? A former Transport Minister for an international airport a few minutes walks from his house? No comment?

Only silence and Labour Party postcards asking every question on night flights – expect the cancer question.

And silence from Sandys.

Too many incompetents and tired old men at TDC and too many mere hand-raiser MP’s.

In an area where deprivation in Margate has actually increased.

What have they been doing all these years?

Silence from Roger “Olympic Airport” Gale except “Thor and Manston are perfectly safe” - with Pegwell one of the most polluted rivers in Britain.

And now silence.

Except how many more planes will overfly the towns without noise and air monitoring before it is closed?

It’s worth knowing to allow the NHS to plan for the right number of coffins. Or the Environment Agency and TDC to pretend to clean the drinking water.

Time for Change

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