Monday, 19 October 2009

Less air pollution monitoring at Manston

It gets worse.

I’ve received the latest air monitoring from KIACC.

The significance of the report is that the UK limit is 40 g/m for all the nasty emissions like benzene etc, and in 2008 the average at Manston (with poor monitoring) was 31 m/g – an airport expansion at Manston can only be achieved by not monitoring the increase in air pollution.

The Kentmere monitor was also switched off in Aug 09 due to poor data capture etc – again poor monitoring.

In 2006 the central Ramsgate monitors were removed from the tower block and school and never replaced by Brian or Richard or Sandy or Roger.

The mobile monitor has never been provided after several years

Why switch off Kentmere and have no mobile monitor in the towns – making weak monitoring worse?

With Thanet having the highest lung cancer rate in Kent already it looks like our politicians and civil servants are keeping their heads down and trying to make it worse.

No votes in deliberately poisoning your own citizens - not this side of Nazi Germany anyway.

When will Brian and Richard and Sandy and Roger expaklin the removed monitors and now another monitor switched off?

They're all too vocal on jobs and night flights but we don't hear much on the air and noise monitoring do we?

And which councillors have raised this in council meetings?

They all know.

Why the silence on noise and air monitoring.

That's right. It's a criminal offence to deliberately endanger the public. And they thought they could fudge the data and removal of the monitors and expand the airprort - and then it's all too late.

And it would be.

As the death rate soars.

Time for Change

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