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Garbutt for South Thanet MP: Thanet interview on MP manifesto

An Interview from Isle of Thanet News below. Apparently they're worried about some of the corruption points being libellous in their view - and even the Battlebus already with the largest ever UK election fine and want to censor them:

But below is the full article as provided:

Clearly it's an interesting compare and contrast and raises questions over the accuracy of Kent reporting - just today KM published their list of candidates for South Thanet and couldn't even get that right:

The correct list:

A. Please state your name, party and occupation (if applicable)

Tim Garbutt, Independent.

Advertising and Marketing Consultant.

I describe the campaign as “Stop the Pollution. Stop the Construction. Stop the Corruption”. Time for Change

Twitter: @timg33


B. What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

1. Close Manston airport completely and dig up the runway – with a $1 CPO to end the SHP New Town and Parkway farce. And to clean and refill the East Kent aquifer that is under the runway.

2. Extradite and jail the Infratil directors and Police investigation into the removal of the Manston monitors and faking of pollution data with TDC and KCC.

3. End the corruption around Pleasurama, and shoddy governance around Pavilion etc, with tax havens such as Belize and Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands in main Kent projects

All of these could be put in place Minute #1 of Day #1 of Garbutt in Parliament.

These policies would end the sloth and dirt that the various parties and council administrations have allowed. TDC is one of the worst councils in UK according to the government itself(!) and Thanet has some of the highest deprivation in SE England.

And this with £2BN KCC budgets, £30M – not allowing for failures and corruption – at TDC and £400k at RTC.

KCC is overly-focused on Maidstone and TDC on Margate. And we have too many and too underpaid councillors. And too many and too overpaid civil servants.

The politicians and civil servants have repeatedly failed us and these policies will begin the change with an East Kent Council as a counterweight to West Kent and Medway.

Blatant travesties of justice as with the High Court of Corruption of Lord Grabiner of BHS and One Essex Court legal criminals and close and cleanup Thor mercury factory near the Hornby Factory could be more easily implemented.

While I will ensure Climate Change – the greatest threat facing humanity – is top of the agenda in Kent. At the moment there are no Climate Change policies at all. So, that would include:

• all public sector buildings switching to renewable electricity

• public buildings with solar panels

• end plastic bag sales: Ocean Plastic and Beach clean

• increase wonky fruit and veg and end food waste in supermarkets and schools and farms etc

• increase recycling from 40% in Thanet - and coffecup recycling and bottle deposit schemes

• increase Fairtrade goods in supermarkets and shops and public sector procurement

• measured expansion – and robust scrutiny - of Vattenfall’s Thanet windfarm with free electricity

• treeplanting and hedgerows for biodiversity eg bees and India 50M trees in one day

• increase electric car charging points and electric buses/public sector cars/vans

• develop graphene products at Kent University/CCU and vaccine research with Pfizer

• expand pedestrianisation of town centres and seafront

• while 30 minutes a week school lessons on Climate Change and Red Cross first aid and Yingluck computers would be useful

C. What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

Improving the town centres and Discovery Park after the loss of 5,000 jobs out of 7,000 are two vital economic policies.

In many towns the public would be horrified at the loss of 5,000 jobs rather than the lies and deceit of 50 jobs at Manston. Especially the 21st Century #STEM jobs in pharma and tech that are the future for Young Kent and Future UK.

While the decay in the town centres is plain to see after ludicrous town planning such as Westwood Cross the-out-of-town-shopping-centre-next –to the town-centres. And still the nonsense overbuild of a 4th Town Centre.

The continued secrecy and lies at TDC and KCC even with FOI restricts any candidate or member of the public from being able to evaluate public sector policies.

EKFOS – EK film office and studio and JazzWat – Buddhist temple and jazz club would all create Creative Industries jobs.

The 2nd swimming pool: 50M Olympics and ice rink instead of £1M fire station would be part of a cohesive Regeneration of disused/derelict sites eg Develop old gasworks site and Old Police Station in Ramsgate.

Perhaps Craig Mackinlay outgoing Tory MP – or the other invisible candidates -should be encouraged to bring the Nick Timothy Battlebus of Party HQ tourists back to boost the economy of local hotels?

It’s one coach trip we’re unlikely to see again.

D. What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

This isn’t one of my main policies for development as Thanet has the highest number of empty homes in Kent.

And Kent has c.28k empty homes.

We need repairs and bringing back into use not more newbuild.

Hence the absurdity of SHP Manston New Town or housebuilding at Discovery Park or the Westwood 4th town Centre.

Clearly KCC has been infected with a cement culture of construction councillors and glory-protect civil servants. While the Developers Group at KCC of construction companies ensures every problem looks like a cement problem.

While the national policy of housebuilding promises – and fluff of Garden Cities -has never achieved more than c.80k new build per year.

While basic policing such as picking up the homeless from the town centres or Tent City – along with Streetdrinker Square and heroin Alley - and placing them in hostels is viable given the No Night Homeless policy already in place in London.

Either the police are overwhelmed or they can’t be bothered – and certainly funding more tech kit won’t be a substitute for the elbow grease of sustained effort.

E. The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

Clearly the public have been badly-served by Kent NHS: most if not all hospitals in Special Measures. 12 GP’s struck off for incompetence. And SE Ambulance in Special Measures. And asbestos deaths in schools. And major pollution and cancer scandals such as Manston-Infratil and Thor mercury.

The current NHS reviews seem to be Backoffice reorganisation for bloated salaries and pensions and not in the best interests of Public Health. Yet again there seems a wilful ignorance of the requirement for 3 hospitals in East Kent given the travel distances involved at the coast.

I will support a public-led review of NHS performance – free and excellent - on the above including Resilience and Pandemic preparedness and support the Julian Brazier East Kent Medical School in Canterbury to ensure East Kent has enough nurses and doctors And ASEAN international programmes.

As well as a Medical Commissioner and Education Commissioner to focus NHS and School efforts as with the Police Commissioner – and ensure a focus beyond pensioner health and needs.

And improve Public Health on Tobacco, Road Safety Heroin and Cocaine – an outrageous failure with the most drug deaths ever.

The Tory Dementia Tax is utterly repulsive as is ending Winter Fuel – and as foolish as foxhunting or nationalisation or a penny tax on everything - and should be revoked with a full review of Social Care for an Ageing Population.

F. Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

The above points are all viable parts of the plan and I would initially increase unemployment through P45 reform of the failing public sector.

Then focus on Youth employment and a Locate in East Kent function to boost apprenticeships and larger employers at Discovery Park. And greater coordination of schools, colleges and universities with an overhaul of wasteful Beckham Studies courses.

Unemployment would be far higher without the padding of employment courses, part-time jobs and zero hours contracts.

The missing 5,000 jobs could be replaced and increased with a further 3,000 jobs ie vaccine production for UNSDG30 eg TB and malaria nets manufacturers.

As always the Manston airport talk of 20,000 jobs is utter nonsense to whitewash the monitor crimes – and a part of the foolish belief that one sector or one project could instantly replace decades of decline.

And a tourism focus as part of the East Kent Council and Benelux etc strategies will need to be built eg Kent Orchids, Spanish Armada, Fortitude-Patton and Dunkirk Little Ships and Van Gogh.

While local banks need to pull together from bank head office cuts, with Town Commerce Groups and local lending etc.

Clearly Brexit after just a year is an utter shambles, and I am completely opposed to it and the destructive effects here in East Kent to the tourism industry, universities and schools and exports.

If you are in the 48% Remain Group then vote for me.

If you are a Tory dissatisfied with Mackinlay’s Battlebus fraud and inaction vote for me.

If you are Labour and dissatisfied with the cosy Thanet deals and corruption then vote for me.

If you are Green or Libdem and concerned at Thanet’s invisible candidates then vote for me.

If you are under 30 then vote for me.

If you are UKIP – if they actually exist now -don’t vote for me. And we need a vote of no confidence in Well’s TDC: promising to reopen Manston then reversing that policy within a month of being elected given the known monitors and aquifer crimes.

Garbutt as an Independent will have the ear and support of every Party leader and Cabinet member in Westminster and Whitehall.

G. What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

I’ve several decades in advertising and marketing for business clients across various market sectors and regeneration projects such as Cardiff Bay and tourism clients.

And the public can see my success in my East Kent politics work so far:

•Manston closed

•Infratil airports in EU closed – and Rotorua NZ

•Total petrol stations in East Kent closed for Myanmar war crimes

•Margate’s Joshua French released from Congo Death Row

•Gang of Four sacked and jailed

•Richboro power station demolished

•Ramsgate Gasworks demolished

•ChinaGate cancelled

•Toxic Three now Toxic Two: KCC’s Carter and Wild

•BrettGate cement works end: phase 2 but not phase 1

•0% TDC salary fraud ended

As MP I will continue this work for Kent and regions such as ASEAN.

•end Invesco UK investment in OrbitalATK USA and Textron cluster bombs manufacture – and phosphorous

•end KCC public sector pensions in Fossil Fuels and Tobacco

•Demolish Arlington House 160’s tower block eyesore

•instigate Conflict Minerals Ban eg Coltan in DRC Congo in computers/phones

•instigate G20 to achieve 0.7% GNI aid target

•UN disarmament: nuclear/WMD and naval

•EU arms exports ban outside of EU

•Tobacco: over 25 and store permits

•#Space: Kent research ie satellites and space junk

•End Landfill: site clearance

•End NATO 2% target: UK 2.3% and EU average 1.3%

•Kent orchards

•Brexit: 48% cancel

Thanet has failed. Thanet party politics has failed. Thanet’s pensioners have failed the next generations.

Time for Change


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