Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP. Mackinlay busted - and weak candidates again

The election is fully on in East Kent.

Candidates for South and North Thanet below:

Thanet South:

Thanet North:

Obviously your vote is yours to use or not as you choose and I hope you vote for me in South Thanet.

And a few quick points:

* absurd Craig Mackinlay is claiming to live at Sion Court in Ramsgate - he lives and works in Chatham and Chatham KCC councillor. Chatham hardly a success story for Kent regeneration
* astonishing too a North Thanet candidate lives in London - both prime cases of parachute candidates
* never heard of Christian Alliance but seems anti- abortion and antiMoslem
* national party manifestos only just emerging and rather dull - and no EK manifestos except mine
* I've lived in South Thanet for c.15 years and have never heard of most of the candidates at all - again exactly what's wrong with party politics: parachute candidates and vague/no manifestos/ mere handraisers and seatwarmers

South Thanet Candidates in detail:

* Tim Garbutt (Ind) - vote for me (!): detailed manifesto and previous track record eg closing Manston. Richboro demolition etc

* Craig Mackinlay (Con) - busted after election expenses/Battlebus scandal and inane manifesto (insert constituency name) prepared by Nick Timothy, Theresa May's beard. Nothing doe in 2 years since 2015.

* Raushan Ara (Lab) - nice lady and runs Harbour St Indian restaurant and ideal for Town Centre/seafront reform, but in the nicest way unlikely to be MP and certainly not until the expected Labour defeat and Corbyn ousted

* Stuart Piper (UKIP) - never heard of him and UKIP wipeout. But bizarre conversation on Manston cancer and aquifer while I was canvassing on Friday - more later

* Trevor Roper (Green) - never heard of him

* Jordan Williams (libdem0 - never heard of him

* Faith Fisher (Christian Alliance - never heard of her and points above

In North Thanet - Ed Targett (Green) by far the best of the candidates: Roger Gale too old and stale and failed on Manston yet again except by dodgy deals.

Ed and I highlighting Crime and Knife crime from the bizarre Police CounterTerror leaflet "be safe on ships at sea at night?": #MpFightclub And an outrageous slur on the good folks of Royal Mail: " A delivered item will probably have received fairly rough handling in the mail"!

The choice of vote of course is yours. But clearly both Thanet Labour and Thanet Tory and Thanet UKIP have provide corrupt and incompetent at every level for years with silence from their parties and others.

Already it seems like a two-horse race between mew and Mackinlay. Are you really going to vote for him again or give Garbutt a go?

I urge Tories and Labour and Greens and LibDems to vote for me - UKIPO wipeout means UKIP votes likely to switch to Tory and low turnout.

Craig will be another bland backbencher (and with a byelection if he is convicted) whereas as an Independent candidate exposing the Manston and Pleasurama crimes I will have the ear of the Cabinet and every Party Leader as an example of how party politics had failed in East Kent.

As the UK's ASEAN MP I will seek committee seats on Business, DFID and Foreign.

Time for Meiji Kent.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change

* Crowdfunding for donation sand volunteers: email

* KCC election: dull with low 31% turnout and expected Tory almost total majority. Good Leader Carter of Toxic Two Cabinet reshuffle largely the same but ousting John Simmonds as Deputy Leader but as the only KCC pensioner who can count, he's still Finance Director and in charge of Tobacco and Fossil Fuel investments.

* Disappointing elderly pig farmer Ken HIV Gregory elected but hopefully riding Percy his best pig upto the County Barn as an air freshener in the council chamber- highlighting Manston monitors and Pleasurama fraud or keeping his snout in the trough?

* UKIP wipeout with Wells and Fairbrss and Shonk a busted flush at TDC and RTC - another 2 years of them a dismal choice

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